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Life Coaching and Counselling

Life Coaching and Counselling is provided by our counsellors who have worked in the 'people' business since 1978, firstly in the Voluntary sector and then in business, working as Staff Counsellor for a large organisation and also for the NHS.
Our counsellors hold an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and a Diploma in Fieldwork Supervision (for those involved in the 'caring' roles).

Their experiences covers the whole gambit of personal difficulties including:


Workplace issues


Personal issues


Bereavement / loss


Relationship difficulties


Sexual issues






Anxiety / depression


Pastoral / spiritual

One of our strengths is dealing with 'men's issues'.  It is often difficult for men to 'open up' and look at personal difficulties.   One of our counsellors has a particular skill in encouraging men to talk.
Our counsellors currently work with individuals but also with large employers, seeing their staff that may be having difficulties.  Our counsellors aims to keep staff effective at work.
One of our qualified counsellors also works as a mediator, again working in areas of employment and attempting to resolve conflict between staff.
In whatever area our counsellors are working, they offer a confidential and safe environment.





If you are interested in this professional service - either on a personal or group basis 
- please contact Sean Bradley at:

Sean Bradley
Therapeutic Pathways Consultancy
Chapel Gap
United Kingdom

Email:  seansacademy@aol.com 

Tel:  +44 1524 762292 / +44 7808 212387



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