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Therapeutic Pathways Outreach
Professional Support for Priests, Religious and Ministers of all Faiths


Therapeutic Pathways has recently set up Therapeutic Pathways Outreach for priests, religious and Ministers facing crisis in their lives.  We are committed to reaching out to those who are hurting and who can see no way out of their dilemma.

Several of our team have been members of the Priesthood and Religious Life and can empathise with any person who is experiencing difficulty in their personal life or ministry at this time.

What we can offer you is:
- Time out to stay here with us for a few days or more.
- Residential support.
- Non residential support.
- Complete confidentiality.
- Counselling and Pastoral support that is ongoing.
- A 'safe house' where you can be yourself and benefit from the anonymity and confidentiality.

Our mandate is to empower you to look at your life through the eyes of love.  We are not here to judge or condemn you.  Our only agenda is to empower you to take ownership of your life and face the 'wounded child' within and reclaim your dignity as a child of God.  The first step is often the hardest - admitting to yourself that all is not well and that you need to seek expert help in moving forward through the crisis.




If you are interested in this professional service - either on a personal or group basis 
- please contact Sean Bradley at:

Sean Bradley
Therapeutic Pathways Consultancy
Chapel Gap
United Kingdom

Email:  seansacademy@aol.com  

Tel:  +44 1524 762292 / +44 7808 212387



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