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An ancient Sacred Oil used by the Essenes 8000 years ago-now available for Therapists and clients  

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   We all in our Angel group adore the Sacred Oil and it has helped so many people who have been suffering from grief, pain, MS, suicide and many other illnesses - thank you and of course Jesus Christ for our healing and salvation. Liz (Dublin, Ireland)

Jesus-Miriam Bio Energy Healing Oils 
Blessed and safeguarded by Sean Bradley - 

The Barefoot Angel Man™

by Sean Bradley

These oils have their origins as far back as 8000 years ago when the Therapeutiae (Healers) Essenes in Egypt used the oils to anoint the feet of the Community during times of great celebration before God. Miriam Magdalene was familiar with this ancient practise as a High Priestess of Isis. The Gospels of Jesus state that Miriam Magdalene applied the same oils to anoint the feet of the Master Jesus, her beloved.   

The oils were later used by the Essenes of Mount Carmel and were used down through the centuries in secret. In 1998, Sean was instructed by Jesus and Magdalene in prayer to follow their guidance and develop the same healing oils using the sacred ingredients that were used by them. During a period of prayer in silence (11pm-1am), before the Christ and the Angelic energies, Sean prepares the carrier oil and having added several drops of Spikenard with several other essences including grains of Frankincense, the oils are then prepared. Sean proceeds to bless the oils by incensing the oil glorifying God for all involved in the care of the olives and distribution. He then invites, invokes and asks the Lord Christ, in the presence of the Archangels, all healing angels, and Spirit Guides, together with Mary Magdalene, Mary the Mother of Jesus and all the Ascended Masters to be present during the actual blessing of the oils. 

The oils are NOT commercially produced despite many requests from various companies to do so! Sean believes that this would detract from their potency and simplicity as an effective vehicle for Jesus to change lives. 

The oils are stored behind the alter of Love and Light in Sean's Prayer Room where they in the Divine presence until such time as a request is made for their safe delivery to a client or therapist. 

2007 Reviews

  • I'm so very honoured. I always use the Sacred Oil 'before' I do Reiki, IET, Angel meetings and energy healing with anyone as it makes such a tremendous, miraculous difference....  It also provides us with so much 'protection' and guidance while performing a healing. I have actually seen my hands light up of a most brilliant white light as the Divine healing energy penetrates gently and powerfully through the body! It should be mandatory for any 'hands-on' or 'laying of the hands' healings or indeed any energy healing to use the Sacred Oils beforehand as it is imperative for all to know that it is Jesus who performs these healings and miracles as He says to us in 'A Course in Miracles' -  “You will see miracles thru your hands thru me" We should begin each day with the prayer 'Help me to perform whatever miracles you want of me today.”  
  • We all in our Angel group adore the Sacred Oil and it has helped so many people who have been suffering from grief, pain, MS, suicide and many other illnesses - thank you and of course Jesus Christ for our healing and salvation. Liz Weir (Dublin, Ireland)

  • These oils really do have a profound impact on your life when used in healing self and others. Jessica Dowling (Ontario, Canada)
  • I was just amazed to read that everything and anybody connected with the process were prayed for making the end result so necessary for a positive and healing impact in my work as a therapist/counsellor. Wayne Charles (Co West Meath, Ireland)
  • There is a sense of the Divine present when applying them. Kathy (Cairo)
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