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"Love and compassion are not necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive. With them, we can make a joint effort to solve the problems of the whole of humankind." Compassion is the basis of all truthful relationships: it means being present with love ~ for ourselves and for all life, including animals, fish, birds, and trees. Compassion is bringing our deepest truth into our actions, no matter how much the world seems to resist, because that is ultimately what we have to give this world and one another." Dalai Lama

We can cure physical diseases with medicine but the only cure for loneliness, despair and hopelessness is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread but there are many more dying for a little love.
Mother Theresa


Christ Invites us to embrace a Heart of Love..

 “You will see miracles thru your hands thru me" We should begin each day with the prayer 'Help me to perform whatever miracles you want of me today.”

"Put aside your weighty cares, let your burdensome distractions wait; free yourself awhile for God and rest awhile in Him"               St Anselem

Oh, come to the water all you who are thirsty; though you have no money, come! Buy wheat and corn without money, and eat, and, at no cost, wine and milk.    Isaiah 55:1 

Breathe on me breath of God; fill me your child with life anew, that I may love what thou dost love and do what thou dost love, and do what thou wouldst do.

Open your hearts to my heart and be one with Source  -the Divine Holy Father Mother God and create love -be that love and live that love today!

Message from our clients re: Therapeutic Blessings evoked when we apply the sacred healing oils given by Jesus and Miriam Magdalena to Brother Sean in 2002

Thank you for including my testimony I'm so very honoured.I always use the Sacred Oil 'before' I do Reiki, IET, Angel meetings and energy healing with anyone as it makes such a tremendous, miraculous difference....  It also provides us with so much 'protection' and guidance while performing a healing. I have actually seen my hands light up of a most brilliant white light as the Divine healing energy penetrates gently and powerfully through the body! It should be mandatory for any 'hands-on' or 'laying of the hands' healings or indeed any energy healing to use the Sacred Oils beforehand as it is imperative for all to know that it is Jesus who performs these healings and miracles as He says to us in 'A Course in Miracles' -  “You will see miracles thru your hands thru me" We should begin each day with the prayer 'Help me to perform whatever miracles you want of me today.”)

Bless you for bringing the Sacred Healing Oils to the world. Love & Light. Liz (Dublin, Ireland) 20/7/07

Channelling Eater Sunday 8th April 2007 at 6.13a.m

Do not lay at my grave and weep, for I am not there, nor am I any place that would cause upset or despair, for I am with my Father. Over the years, many have tried to change the events of what occurred by relaying false information, purely because it served their purpose. But it is the Divine plan that people know that I am here and that I am gathering a family of the light workers, who are willing to stand with me to change the pathway of what is occurring on this planet. But I use no coercion or fear, only love and I ask that you search your hearts, for you all know the truth of what I say now. For we have all walked this pathway together as brothers and sisters of mercy. I beg you not to be too hard on your neighbour but to honour them with your love, for only in coming from a place of love and peace can you hope to change the unrest and move beyond the pain, anger and frustration into the light.

This has already started to happen and there are many of you who are dedicated to sharing your love and wisdom with those around you, those close to home. But it is now time to move out of your comfort zones and spread the word wider, so that the few enlightened may become the many. This you will do in your own ways and it will start with you being honest with your self. Reconnecting to who you truly are, ‘Children of God, brothers and sisters to Jesus’. I am but a humble soul who learned from life through love and pain. I was crucified for my beliefs as many of you have been.

But we know that strength comes from remaining true and open, do not allow your feelings of fear and unworthiness stop you from being who you truly are. A warrior for the light. Take up the banner with me and say, ‘I am a child of God and I believe in the beauty of life and in the hearts of man and I send love to my brothers and sisters, family, friends and neighbours. For we know much can happen when the many come together in prayer’.

“Oh MY Father God hear my prayer as I pray for those I love as my family and for those I am yet to meet. For each one has and will teach me many things in their humility and strength. I ask that they be encouraged and supported to realize the power that they have to manifest their own destiny and change through prayer what is happening on the Earth. To take up the mantel, stand tall in their faith and recognize their divine heritage”.

There is no time to waste on complacency. We are each responsible and accountable for our actions and only when we truly recognize this, can we empower ourselves and others. No man is an island for every soul is connected. There are many of you who hold great wisdom and you know this! And you know who you are, so take action and share your wisdom and help other to wake up and grow. Help children to understand and grow for many are old souls who have returned to serve and guide, help them to heal and gain strength. For in their hands this world will evolve to a higher place. With love your brother Jesus.

Channelled Message from Jesus for our Tau Members and Friends attending the Retreat Healing Support Group Day on Good Friday (6th April 2007).

It is with grace that I connect with you now, in this space of divine love and peace. For it has taken strength, to move through all the issues that have surrounded you all, over the recent months. For as I said at the latter part of last year the energies are changing and you are all being called upon to release the old and stagnant energy, the energy that no longer serves your purpose. It has been easier for some of you than it has for others, as it is easy to become entrenched within materialism and loose sight of your divine goal and connection. It also takes courage and conviction to hold up the banner of truth and step forward knowing that not everyone will see things as you do. For this is what I had to do. I believed that what my Father God said to me was the truth and although there were times that I experienced fear I challenged myself to move beyond that, and to accept that this was my destiny in life to serve humanity. In doing so I was doing the work for my Father. For I am humble of heart, but have a knowing for truth and I trusted that ultimately I would not be forsaken, even in my hour of greatest need. I cried out “Do not forsake me my Father, for I need your guidance and love.” In that moment of these words leaving my lips and reaching into the inner most essence of myself, my words were heard and the words of my Father could be heard saying, “I hear you my son, you are the Messier and through you all things are possible. I have never nor ever would I forsake you, hold true to these words, for the life that you have lead and in your physical death all will become clear, your presence and memory will touch the lives of many in the years to come”

The energy changes here and becomes more intense.

The beauty of what will unfold is of yet unknown to you but in this moment of enlightenment I say you who are hearing these words that I am still with you as is my son. For in each of you I behold my light, the same light as in my Son, for you are all my son’s and daughters and I love you deeply with an intensity that would shock you. I continue to guide you to accept only the very best for yourselves, as you are worthy of such respect. Your divinity and the power you have to manifest what ever your heart desires is strong, never doubt this and with it comes a huge responsibility. I give you my blessing to release all that no longer serves your divine heritage and purpose and embrace the light, fully and totally my children I love you dearly and I watch over you with gentleness, for all is perfect. (The energy running up and down my body is really intense) 3rd April 2007 10.00p.m Our Sister Essene, Lesley

Channelled message from Jesus "I am the Christ white star.  The way to the Father is through me.  I will guide you every step of the way if you will only TRUST.  Great things await you all and you have done great things already.  Follow the way of beauty and Light and be an inspiration to others with kindness and unconditional Love.  This brings vulnerability but rejoice in that for it is a rare quality which enhances and walks with humility. You will never be misunderstood if you stay focused and work with the Light, connecting every day to God, to me and the Angels. Protection is yours.  Do not be afraid but open your heart and mind to God as you have done and received the proof that you need.  Love your fellow man continuously and always with unconditional Love and help others as they will help you, my dear children of Love and beauty. Give of yourselves and know that our appreciation is there.  Surrender your cares and troubles for they are nothing to the rewards awaiting you and your fellow like-minded souls of mankind.  Live in the NOW without craving for things you do not need, the Father will take care of all. You will be a great teacher – pray hard and play hard when you have the opportunity to do so. With Love and admiration for you all, Your brother, Jesus

Channelled Teachings from Jesus re: Faith Hope and Love

This is Jesus. There is so much I would wish to say to you and all mankind at this moment. My hopes are that times will change for the better. Gradually, imperceptibly I believe there is a change. Not necessarily all over the world, but I feel that there are pockets of people like your group who are increasing their spirituality and attempting to be better citizens – should I use the word Christians, and this is something which I am pleased to see. All of the Hierarchy are looking for this. There are large numbers of these groups like the Tau Community, not necessarily of the same faith, but all are expanding both their spirituality and their numbers to include others who are waiting in the wings, shall we say, on the verge of learning how they can improve their spirituality and be more evolved individuals. All of you are attempting to extend and expand your consciousness through meditation and prayer, but not necessarily al mankind have done so.

There are still areas-shall we call them grey areas where there is violence, where there is hypocrisy, and where that faith which I hope is increasing within you has been momentarily lost, but I hope in time that even these areas will gradually become golden areas so that their souls will be able to overcome what the lower self is doing at this time. As you know through faith you can do all things. Faith can move mountains and if you truly believe – know that whatever you wish can be fulfilled if you have sufficient faith. It is these three things –faith, hope and charity on which I wish to speak. Faith is within each one of you latent and waiting to be used. Many of you have discovered this and know that if you turn to God and put your troubles in His hands that those troubles will be turned away from you and the problems will be solved gradually, miraculously if you put your faith in God. It is strange ho man thinks that he is alone and that only he is able to solve problems which sometimes seem insurmountable, but if you or he will have true faith and just pass those problems to God, forgetting them and allowing Him solve them that all will be well. Again Hope lives eternal and we hope that man will see this and know that if he truly believes then the hope that lives within him will also be given credence and the hopes of all men will be fulfilled. If you are without hope what would life be? It would hardly be worth living if you had no hopes for future happiness. Know that God is always there to give you hope. Pray to Him and ask that your hopes will be fulfilled and truly they will be. If you have faith to believe they will –they truly will! Just allow God to work in His own way. Sometimes it is unexpected in the way in which your hopes are fulfilled –through someone else perhaps who is being used by God for their purpose. Just allow Him into your hearts and into your lives and what a change will be wrought. Know that everything can be given to you from God, and if He gives you something use it and send forth love and gratitude, because everything that is given to you is from God and even though it may appear to be from someone else –your hopes have been granted. Each one of you has different hopes and ideals and needs, but never fear that you expect too much from God. It is needs that are granted, not wants. If someone is truly needy, those needs will be supplied, but if someone is filled with greed and wants something that is unnecessary then that is not always given unto to you. It is purely what is necessary that is given – if you wish for something further then you yourself must supply it. Greed is a different thing from need and if you will weigh up whether your wants are greed you will realize that many things are not really required. It is those who truly are needy who have their requirements fulfilled by God. Those whose hopes may feel dashed at the time never despair –you know that He is there to help you at all times, so cal on Him.

Faith, Hope and Charity –all are important –all involve love, and the greatest of these is charity. As I said be charitable to each other especially those closest to you. God bless and keep you all in His care. Jesus. 

Channelled Teachings from Jesus re: Overcoming Evil with Good.

My greetings to you this day - this is Jesus. This is a time of regeneration, of overcoming evil with good and having the confidence to know that through darkness light must prevail. There is always that light at the end of the tunnel, and the end of the tunnel is nigh. The darkness shall be overcome. If you have faith to continue with this process mankind will prevail. There are those who tend to be influenced by negativity and suggest that the end of the world is nigh and that the earth changes will be very powerful and catastrophic. This is all in the mind of the individual, and if you allow that negativity to prevail then there would be no hope for anyone, but remember that within you there is that all powerful divine spark which is gradually being fanned to a flame of great incandescence if you will allow this to occur. More of you are waking up to your divinity and spirituality –this is wonderful. It must be spread abroad.

These words that I give you are most important. I am attempting to spread the word of God to all throughout the world, through channels such as this, so that all may know that they can overcome the evil that is abroad at present. You yourselves are capable of overcoming the negativity in the world, but you must have faith in yourselves and the God within you. God will overcome that havoc through you. You yourselves can heal both yourselves and others through having faith to know that God can work miracles. It may not be immediate so do not despair. Always realize that God can only do anything that is within your power. If you think about it – it is only through your faith in Him that He can prevail. Therefore the most important thing in your lives is your faith –having the confidence to know – being convinced that you can do whatever you wish to do through Him.

Think deeply on these words because if you have the will to do something important in your lives think through it deeply and have the confidence that if you wish to do something you can do it if you go about it in the right way. Pass it on to God and allow Him to work through you to carry out your purpose then that purpose will come to pass and what you wish to do will come about, but you must have the confidence to do this work and the capability of carrying it out through Him. Therefore anything that occurs in the world is through man’s realization that God’s purpose can be carried out through Him.

Do not allow power to go to your heads. There are times when this does occur and has been occurring over the millennia. Remember never to feel that you are the one who initiates anything. It is as a result of God working through you that this occurs. No one person should allow power to take over his life. There are rulers of men who should use any power they have for the benefit of others, but they should never feel that they themselves are the power because they are not. When I lived my life as Jesus I never allowed myself to feel that my power was my own. The power within me came form God –the power to cause miracles to occur, to heal, to walk on water, to still the storm, to raise the dead –everything that I did was through God –through my faith in Him that I could do these things to show that God was love and that God so loved the world of men that he sent me to walk amongst men and do his bidding. To show that through my life He could live through men and give His power to them to use for the good of all as I did. My life on Earth was to show that God is love and my love for all continues forever – I am still working in this way to help mankind to overcome the darkness that is beginning to overcome that darkness and will help others to awaken to this power within them and gradually, gradually God and Light and Love will create a new Heaven and a new Earth.

There are many who are questioning today. Questioning how it is the Churches that nothing is changing, that the power of God within each one can be utilized more for the good of others. It seems that the questions are not being answered fully in al of the Churches throughout the world, but this matters not so long as man can use his divinity to help others. It is how you live your lives that is most important. It does not mean that if you go to Church each week you can forget about the way you live and the good that you can do for others. It is bringing God into your lives and spreading His love and your love unconditionally to all whom you meet, helping wherever you can and using His love for all mankind.

Remember that at this time of the year it is a time where goodwill is becoming more apparent. Use that goodwill towards all men at all times of the year – not just at Christmas, and always remember that the Angelic Hosts are close to the Earth –closer than usual, at this time. Try to visualize them in your minds bringing them closer towards you, seeing them surrounding you with their love, and send forth that love to all the dark corners of the Earth where those in need are reaching out for love and light and healing. Give what you can to them and emanate that light to all -the Angelic Light which is hovering near the Earth. God bless and keep you all. Sananda.

 Channelled Teachings from Jesus re: Ascension

 MEDITATION:  The Christ Star

The Christ star -visualize a column of pure white light coming down from Heaven – a pure white light from the spiritual realms filling your room with the column of light and rooting into the centre of the Earth so that you are immersed and infilled with the light. The light of God – the light from Source –whatever you wish to call it, it is power for good and if all of you are filled with that light, every cell of your body filled with pure light then you will help yourself to raise your vibratory level higher as each day goes by. Filled with this light you can then help others to learn how to raise their consciousness. It is important that this is done each day so that the power of light is secured into the Earth by more and more who are on the spiritual path spreading this word to others.

As you do your meditations, or twice daily preferably, think of that light filling you with great power and spreading outwards into the whole of your aura. As you raise your mind towards that light going inwards and listening for that still small voice you will raise you’re your vibratory level, and gradually you yourselves will be ready and aware of your higher self. You are bringing your higher self from above, from those charkas in the higher realms into your lower self so that your whole body is filled with light. It is a time of great importance this time of quiet each day, because your bodies need to be filled with power before they are ready to ascend into the ‘Fifth Dimension.’ You are bringing your body into alignment for this, preparing yourselves so that in a short space of time many of you will be ready to rise into that next dimension in order that you will learn to be able to teach others what it is that is about to occur. As you rise into that new dimension of being there will be many thousands rising with you attempting to be the vanguard of those who are ascending. Sananda

Channelled reading 14th August 2006 7.30 am

Beloved ones I give thanks for the work you are undertaking at this time and I wish to share with you the positive effects your efforts are having on the planetary system and how this is helping to change the vibrational energy to be positive and in line with Gods work. It is no easy feat, but one that you are all embracing with love and openness in your hearts.

I ask that you continue to lift up your hearts and minds to the highest and do not allow the negative to influence your words and actions. By upholding Gods love and connecting to the “I am presence” daily, you have the clear connection with the source.

There is much work to do in the coming months in order to gather those who will fulfil their true birthright as healers and therapists to take this movement forward. Do not be afraid of the challenge but know that you are being truly guided by all that is and behold the energy change that occurs in your life, for the immense power of love is enfolding you with every step that you take. But I ask that YOU WALK WITHIN YOUR LIGHT, WITH YOUR TRUTH FOR, YOU ARE ALL PERFECT IN THE EYES OF GOD and each of you has such a profound gift to share. It is such a pleasure to link with you, as always, may the light of the world be with you always.

 Channelled reading 11th June 2006 6.50am –Lesley MacNab, student TCCP

Believe in me my children of God and allow the wondrous energy to enfold you, to bring peace into your heart, to your mind and body. Allow this energy to move through you and in doing so feel all parts of you, as you undertake this important work as light workers. To work so completely at healing those around. As you work to transmute the darkness into light, you who have the power to manifest wondrous light energies with such perfection and courage. I celebrate this achievement for each of you in turn, as you are your own student and teacher. 

You gain so much as you walk through life. I want you to acknowledge what you have achieved so far, with such amazing clarity and depth, much more than you will ever know. As you keep your thoughts to the light you radiate positive energy out to the world, touching all souls living on the earth at this time. I also ask you to remember to send light to those who are lost and in just thinking this will enable it to happen, So that they are guided to the light. 

We have a huge task of that I have no doubt, but this is not something that cannot be achieved, as it can be achieved totally. With each day you move further towards enlightenment and you will know that this vibration surround you and those you care for who are also light workers are noticing a huge shift. Therefore it is important to keep your mind clear and positive and should a negative thought creep in, give it no energy and it will evaporate as it has no power within your light. Your light is so strong that the negative is like a speck of dust in the distance. The more you shine your light and demonstrate honesty integrity and truthfulness  about whom you are, a child of God, the more your light energy increases the more you will attract others who resonate with the same vibrational energy as yourself. Until the time comes that you develop a huge collective and this is happening all around the world. In some countries around the world, the numbers are huge with many souls being gathered together shining their beacon of light, truth and wisdom and in other areas these pockets are small. However they still have the power to heal and are growing by the day. 

It is important for you to say a daily prayer. Oh wondrous light divine and infinite being, we link with you at this time and send healing prayers to those around the world who are in pain. Let their pain diminish and let them feel your love within their hearts, wisdom within their souls and know they are a perfect child of God. A prayer said in the knowledge that faith can move mountains. It has the power to make such wonderful changes, to keep you safe, to help you complete your life’s journey and the tasks you have agreed to complete. May the light of your soul and the love for your fellow man increase.

May your love of God grow, as we are all children of God. Prayer lightens the spirit, brings peace to the mind and renews the cells within your body as your light and vibrational energy increases, clarifying the mind so that thoughts do not dwell on the past but remain steadfast in the present. As the present is where you are. The past has gone and the future has not yet arrived. But the present is here and now. To stay in the present is to be grounded firmly. Being at peace, peace with who you are. Do not wish to be someone else, do not envy the things that others have, do not get angry within. But instead celebrate the uniqueness of who you are. You chose your life and you chose wisely.  

Because you have much to learn but also much to teach. Within every teacher there is a student and within every student there is a teacher. Allow other light workers to teach you as you will teach them. To teach with honesty, integrity and truth. To speak my name, I love you and I bow down to the reverence of who you are. I am humbled that you have taken up the task with such courage and determination. I sit at my fathers hand and I feel such love; such depth and I celebrate the work you are doing. I am always here for you in your moments of trouble, distress or celebration. You are never lost for I am always with you. I walk every step of the way with you and I am proud to do so. Take heart and know I love you greatly and my love is strong.  

Re: Establishing our new Tau Community serving all light workers and carers 

Channelled message from Saint Francis  to Sean via our Sister Bev on 25th July 2006

Beloved Child of God, Your heart is full if questions for what the future may bring. Know you are one with God of the Universe forever holds you safe and connected at all times. This will never fail you despite the challenges, which will at times prevent you or attempt to prevent you remembering this. The work you have done to date is like a reservoir or love bank, a safety net if you like, which despite what you perceive as challenges will not be challenges at all, but will be a ‘walk in the park.’ You have truly honoured your Sacred Contract, Beloved One, the path you have chosen is a true one –know that the vision of the community came directly from us –the Brotherhood of the Elect –those Brothers with whom you walked the earth plane in Lifetimes before and who now serve you from the Spiritual Realms. You are truly blessed and supported. Those human souls that now surround and truly connect with you are those that have walked with you before, they were part of the long, lost Essenic Family. The scattered family is now reforming and in your reformation your strength and solidarity will be formidable. Even those souls that have challenged you recently, are in fact Essenes themselves and will be humbled in the face of what you achieve for their hearts will no longer be able to deny the truth of who they really are. Your community of New Age Essenes will grow and expand and connect with other communities of the New Age. You are truly are coming Home. Your Brother in Light always, I reside forever in your heart. Lord Kutumi.  

 Channelled on Saturday 22nd April 2006 at 1.30am

“Be Still and know that I am God.  ‘Just Be’ and know that I am with you.  No pressure, no hurry, no hassle.  Take things one day at a time. Walk with me in the serenity of my path, have courage and faith but most of all ‘Just Trust’.  I am with you always walking beside you or carrying you through tough times.  Things have been difficult but things will get better, good things are ahead.  She has gone before – her role here was finished but your role has only just begun.  This is the right path for you and you should work with your fellow lightworkers, ‘the therapists of the Sean Bradley Academy’ to radiate love and light nationally and internationally.  You all share a common goal spreading the truth of my word and distributing love, light and healing.  This is not new for you.  It is inherent.  Therapeutic touch/channelling has been around for centuries if only you will just ‘trust’.  Everything will fall into place and you will all know exactly what to do.  Nurture those crystal and indigo children – you know who they are.  They need you and they need your support.  You are there to guide and teach them.  Be passionate and enthusiastic.  Warmth and positivity glows from each one of you like a beacon to touch people’s lives, often in many unexpected ways. 


Unconditional love is the key.  Walk beside me and I will carry you through.  Know that I am God, I will raise you up and Christ Consciousness will be awakened at a global level through the ripple effect.  Have confidence in yourself, forgive yourself for your mistakes, love yourself as much as you love others – without self-love you have nothing.  Open your heart and divine love will be channelled through you.  You will shine and you will be guided by Jesus and Mary.  Every one of you has an important role to play in this giant jigsaw.  Each small step along the path is another part completed.  If in doubt ask the beautiful Angels of the Bagua and they will give you the strength and courage to succeed. 


Archangel Michael will protect you.  Let him ‘cut the chords’ of negativity and release them.  Uriel’s yellow/gold light will raise your consciousness even further.  Raphael heals the healer.  Remember to make time for yourself.  Set aside some quiet time for prayer.  It is during this that Gabriel will bring you messages.  Metatron, at the helm, will nurture you, enveloping you in all his wings.  Oh what powerful energy he beholds – Love and Light from every angle!


Go forth and shine, touch lives with love, you beautiful lightworkers of the universe.  Peace and Harmony will be the result.  Love and Light will prevail.”


Christ Consciousness

 Religions have preached Hell & Damnation over the centuries which has enabled the Church to control and take power over its people.

 Whilst the Bible is God’s word – it is being with man’s influence and editing over the years, how much of the truth is now misinterpreted.

 The Bible is truth and we need to find truth through all the different interpretations.

 The Christ Consciousness is our connection to God. It is our Higher-Self at the soul level. It is God’s life.

 We need to connect with that Christ Consciousness –connect with our higher selves and our God.

 The Christ Consciousness is Pure light and love. It is not conflicting, damning, evangelical, prideful or judging.

 It is man who has introduced those humanely aspects and connection with Christ so making it less pure – fearful to the masses.

 Christ Consciousness is working through the heart centre and connecting with your true self –not the proud, deceitful, arrogant, fearful, vengeful self.

 Working from your heart centre connects you with pure love –selfless, unconditional love.

 Your heart centre is divine. It is the pathway to God. It is your link with spirituality. It is your personal DNA.

 I perceive ‘Religion’ for those who are afraid of Hell and ‘Spirituality’ for those of us who have been through Hell.

 The work that I now do is very much heart centred working in direct partnership with the sacred healing energies of the Angelic Realms and with the Christ. My work involves dealing with the damaged and wounded souls of those light workers who say  that ‘they have been raped of their divinity by their respective Churches.’ Most of my clients have been members of the Catholic Church and who have expressed their pain and isolation in many ways to me as a therapist, teacher and healer.

 My work is primarily to empower clients to self heal all that was broken by man in ignorance and pain –(message from Archangel Metatron 17th March 2003); to release and reclaim their individual dignity as co creators of the Divine. As valued members of the human race and the global village our personal DNA should be encouraged to develop and leave a lasting impression. 

Embracing Christ Consciousness through the Heart Chakra.

Centuries ago, the Essenes, living in the Middle East were given a set of divine rules that would help them to walk the path of faith and experience the bountiful blessing from their God.

Today, you and I are personally invited to embrace the divine essence of God in Jesus Christ. Jesus  invites us to embrace the Christ consciousness in love. If we are willing to walk this spiritual path with Jesus Christ then we believe and accept that it will lead us to our God. In our acceptance we embrace the Christ consciousness as a new way of life. Living in the Christ Consciousness we are invited to adopt specific core values that will empower us to self heal and reclaim our dignity as sons and daughters of God. They are identical to the 10 commandments that God Yahweh gave to Moses in the desert thousands of years ago. The only difference is that two commandments or core values stand out –they are Love and Light. Love represents loving God in yourself; your neighbour and everything or anything that lives, moves and has their being from God. The Light represents the presence of the divine in all – in you and me –the landscapes –the elements – the animal kingdom – the seasons. Love and Light unites the God in us –in you and in me. Love and Light is Christ Consciousness. When we say to our friends or sign our correspondence with Love and Light we are in fact making a positive statement. We are saying that Christ consciousness is alive -well and kicking! When we embrace Love and Light we are  showering divine blessedness throughout the universe. Connecting with our heart centre is essential as it releases the important spiritual triggers that infuse us with clarity of perception and integrity of spirit. 

When we embrace the divine love and light of Christ consciousness we are empowered to connect with our own inner child through our heart centre. If we discover that in our wounded ness we are trapped then we can release everything to the divine light of God. When we transmute through our high heart chakra, all negative energies associated with deep-rooted pain, shame, unforgiveness, resentment, harboured grudges, lack of self-respect we become infused with Love and Compassion.

Our ascension is a step-by-step process of –releasing, clearing and cleansing our emotional blockages layer by layer. As each layer is removed, we attain a higher level of understanding of the divine mystery of Christ consciousness and our individual DNA is recoded empowering us to transcend to a higher vibrational energy. Love and compassion are the keys that facilitate this process and the more we let go and permit God to be in our Minds-in our bodies and in our dealings with self –with others, our higher self accelerates and ascends.

When we connect with our heart centre we touch the very fibres of our being. As a child of the light – a child of God, we embrace the Divine within us. Our heart centre is the consciousness of Christ in God. The Christ consciousness empowers us to look at yourself through the eyes of unconditional selfless healing love. When we engage with our own divinity there is an immediate raising of our spiritual awareness that we are one with God and God is one with us.

We are taken to a place where only divine love reigns supreme – immediately, we are made aware that as a child of God, basking in the Divine rays of the Christ consciousness, that we are perfect, whole, complete. There is no room for negative thought patterns. The love that we experience is of a high vibrational energy and the healing rays emanating from the heart of Christ Consciousness inspires us to reclaim our individuality – our divine gifting as sons and daughters of God –brothers and sisters of Christ.

In the presence of this absolute, unconditional healing love and light of Christ we are empowered to take back our control and personal power.

So many people feel a deep dissatisfaction and an acute longing for a more real life, a life that allows their souls to come to expression and to awaken; a life where they could discover a different resonance, one which echoes their heartfelt dreams and deep spiritual longing. No one wants to remain a prisoner in an unlived life. This was the intention of Jesus: ‘ I have come that you may have life and have it to the full’. That path has indeed arrived and you and I are invited by Jesus Christ to join him and experience pure, selfless unconditional healing love. Jesus is Cohan of the 6th Ray which is indigo –the ray of devotion –religion and idealism.

Christ consciousness has been around for a long time. It is a flowing energy that is seen as light energy. This energy stimulates our DNA to progress to a deeper level of spirituality. The Christ Consciousness is a level of awareness where you know longer see error in any action that you do or in any other human being – but see only the beauty and perfection in all things. Christ consciousness does not judge as it seeks wisdom, Divine truth, true happiness and total perfection. The concept of Christ consciousness is truly an exquisite one. In essence it means to see the world through the heart / mind of God 

The sole purpose of this incarnation is to glorify the Christ consciousness on the earth – in the lives with whom you come in contact, and to live the same thyself. The key to building up your Christ consciousness is to deny all negative ego thoughts from entering your conscious mind from self or others and to keep your mind thinking, affirming and visualizing only Christ thoughts –Christ (Xt) images at all times. It only takes 21 days to cement a habit into the subconscious mind, so the more you practice this, the more habitual, in a positive sense, it will become. Our daily Aspirations are said for 30 days.

If you truly want to operate out of Christ consciousness, which I hope you do, as it is one of the primary keys to integrated ascension, you certainly can! To achieve this, however, your utmost attention is demanded in any and every situation along with absolute honesty and integrity.

There is no shame in observing where your weaknesses are. In fact, just the opposite is true. The divine light of Christ that reveals the muddiest waters within self- is the same Christ light that cleanses and purifies them. Courage to face self and a willingness to change join with our lesser attributes when we offer them up at God’s sacred alter. When this is done, then that which is a block from Christ consciousness, namely fear in its many guises and judgement in its many forms, will be transcended and transmuted into divine love and light.

Christ consciousness is a way to manifest God upon the Earth. It is life at its most glorious capacity, a place of pure connection with our brothers and sisters, with self and GOD. When we achieve our own ascension or the seven levels of initiation, now considered to be Master level, one should not become complacent. As a Master we cannot let down our vigilance. I believe that the old biblical statement still holds true “After Pride cometh the fall”. One has to work with the same self-discipline and single focus and commitment after ascension as one did before.

Embracing this new way of life invariably causes us to loose friends –friends who wish to stay in victim hood. Living in Christ consciousness, empowers us to abandon any connection with victim – or with anyone living victim hood, or who are asleep in 3D. 

Embracing the Christ consciousness is a way of life that lives forever. It has no end that we know of. When we are living in the oneness of Jesus in the Christ Consciousness we are living out of  the essence of love, compassion, respect, reverence and devotion to the cause of spiritual reawakening preparing many for the 21 December 2012. This is a significant day for all light workers who in their physical ascension will move from 3 dimensional energy to 5th dimensional energy.

The year 2006 & 2008 is another significant year for the universe. I believe that the Crystal & Indigo Children will have come of age and will come together from the 4 corners of the globe to facilitate a major shift in universal consciousness in how we are living life right now.

I am of the opinion that we live in end times and that the time is now upon us when we will have to make positive choices in order to safeguard this beautiful planet of ours. Some of you may have already recognised them gathering discreetly in readiness for 2008. By that time, they will be in their late teens, early 20’s making a profound impact upon the entire world. They will with one voice condemn the greed, violence and inhumanity of man to man. The army of Crystal Children will rally round to support all light workers who have become ‘battle weary’. They will be the beating heart of selfless love in action. They will become that mighty spiritual army of Christ consciousness on Earth. They will set the scene and prepare the world for 2012.

21.12 2012 is the Dawn of the new Aquarius. According to many Angelologists, (Esenes), it represents Christ’s second coming. I don’t see Christ’s second coming with fire and brimstone as predicted by the prophets. I see a new dawn – the beginning of the end of the old ways of thinking and the dawn of a new beginning. Something wonderful will happen on 21. 12.2012. As Light Workers who have already embraced Christ consciousness, we have already embraced 5th dimensional energy and we don't have to wait until 2012! My life has already changed for the best. I am totally committed to living my life now in the Christ Consciousness and my commitment is renewed each and every day.

The work that I do is to re-awaken the dormant spirit that exists in mankind. Working in partnership with the angelic energies empowers me to Channel the Christ healing energies through therapeutic touch thereby resurrecting the Christ consciousness within us all thus reprogramming our Spiritual DNA to operate from a place of pure Love and Light. 

When we embrace Mother Earth (Gaia) and the Four Spheres of Angelic Beings and the Nature Spirits they invite us to join them as Spiritual Eco Warriors challenging our brothers and sisters / and all mankind to respect the free gift that Source has shared with us for our very survival. In the face of adversity and disrespect of the landscape and the animal kingdom, we are invited to revisit our Sacred Contracts and empower those who disrespect the Creator's free gift for their survival and enjoyment as children of Source to stop now before they face the penultimate price for their disobedience before God. I believe that we have reached that time in history when we have to reunite and take back our personal power and fight these injustices and reclaim the landscape before we ultimately destroy our universe and all therein. It is never too late to flood the universe with a collective of pure Love and Light. As Jesus our Teacher reminded us that 'when two or three pray together' then heaven will hear and grant us our requests'. That time is NOW and we as light workers are to stand up and be counted as the New Illuminaries. 

In my late night, early morning quiet times between 11pm and 1am each night, I join up with our therapists and my friends who are the Poor Clare Collettine enclosed nuns around the world in silent devotional prayer.

I believe that silence is the sister of the divine and in that silence we are aware of a loving presence of selfless unconditional love touching and restoring our heart centre to listen attentively to the voice of Christ and of God. The Angelic and Christ energies have assured me that on 21.12.2012 there will be a revelation that will create a stir for all mankind. Christ will return along with his beloved disciple, Mary Magdalene. They will appear as the new Adam and Eve and they will be perceived and recognised not by their physical attributes but by the vibrational healing energy rays that will flow from them through us to each other. We will be transformed from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimensional energy. Those who wish to remain locked in 3D will be taken to another place where they will have to relive their life experience and learn their life lessons all over again.

We who have willingly embraced the Christ Consciousness will automatically be transformed and renewed into the Christ consciousness and in the words of St Francis. We will Behold – Hold - Enfold –and Listen to the beating heart of God through Christ consciousness. Our 3D lives will have ceased on 21.12.2012 and we will have entered 5D for infinity. We will have learned our life lesson and be escorted back home to Paradise where we will Behold the presence of God –where we will be Enfolded by Divine beauty forever. Where we will Hold firm to the truth that we are co heirs with Christ and in our hearts we will Listen to the sacred voice of spirit sing God’s divine praises to us.

Our journey in Christ consciousness will carry on as we ascent nearer to the throne of selfless love and light.

Prayer to Christ the Healer

In the comfort of your love, I pour out to you my Lord Christ, The memories that haunt me, The anxieties that perplex me, The fears that stifle me, The sickness that prevails upon me, And the frustration of all the pain that Weaves about within me.

Lord Christ help me to see, Your peace in my turmoil, Your compassion in my sorrow, Your forgiveness in my weakness, And your love in my need.

Touch me O Lord Jesus Christ, with your healing power, and strength That I may be empowered to connect with my inner wounded child.

I call upon you Lord Christ that you will flood my mind-my body and my spirit with the pure healing selfless love of the Creator Spirit.  

Open the eyes of my spirit to see my inner beauty and reclaim that childlike innocence so that I can see –reclaim - touch –heal and restore my inner wounded child releasing it to you and the Light of God.

Empower me to reach that part of my being that needs to hear your message of selfless love.

Empower me now to heal myself by taking back my Power and control.

Infuse within my being with the angelic energies that will support me in my faith journey.

As your child, I send you my love and gratitude for walking with me every step of my life.

Sean x   

Feedback from our Therapists re Christ Consciousness and the implications of 2012

Christ energies come on ray 2, the blue ray of love, wisdom and devotion. The Christ energies come to help humankind increase their light vibration to one that reflects Christ consciousness. To lift human kind out of group consciousness which is in the third dimension, to the 5th dimension, so that all hearts, all souls beat as one yet remain individual. When all hearts and minds reflect Christ’s energies this is what is known as the second coming, all souls will know the Christ with in them. 

When I am in my sacred space in my prayer room, I make my connection to the Angelic realms and request the very presence of Christ himself. I feel his presence, sometimes I see him clearly, sometimes, I just know that He is there. One thing I do know is that it is like no other energy force; his power is all encompassing. He brings me peace; he comes with healing in his wings; he takes me deep into his sacred heart and deep within myself. He is the love of my life. He lifts me up when I am down; he carries me when I can no longer walk. In times past when I have lived in hell, he was right there with me. I know him well as he knows me that I know myself; he loves me with perfect love.

What is the significance of 2012?

2012 is a point in time when it is prophesied in the Mayan calendar, coinciding with the Harmonic’s concordance, when Christ will come again, the second coming, when Christ will return to Earth with his twin flame Mary Magdalene balancing the male and female energies. 21st December 2012, is the probable date for his return this is when earth is to Ascend to the 5th dimension.

The Qualities of Christ Consciousness

Christ consciousness does not know separation-it is all inclusive. It has the bigger picture so takes a neutral stance. It does not make judgements; does not criticise; it does not know fear and sees only love. It is the truth and rejoices in truth. It has no attachments to the physical world; it can live in the world but not of the world. It seeks the highest good for the whole. It is selfless, Christ consciousness knows only love. Christ is in the Father and the father is in the son and so it is with humans. Our hearts beat as one. In the 5th dimension, the time for talking is over; one has to live it. Walk your talk.



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