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Let Me Awaken The Spirit of Divine Love Within Your Heart 

and Soul

Brother Sean offers courses in Spiritual Healing, Holistic Energy Medicine that empowers his clients to 'self heal' underpinned by the teachings of Jesus ,now incorporating the ancient Philosophies and Teachings of the Essenes and the Angel (Feng Shui) Healing Bagua. 

Brother Sean is a Professional Prayer Consultant because of the contemplative life he now lives as an Interfaith/Christian Franciscan Monk in service to Source. He has been described as a "intuitive physician of souls.

Read what he does- listen to his voice- come into his world- enter his website. Enjoy

Consultations with Brother Sean
- services provided
  • Do you feel there is something missing in your life?

  • Are you searching for a deeper relationship with your Spirit?

  • Do you want to self-heal and move on with your life?

  • Would you benefit from a personal ‘1 to 1 ’Telephone Healing Consultation Session with Sean?   

If you have answered Yes to one of the above, then maybe I can be of service to you.

The advent of modern technology incorporating telephone conferencing, now provides many of our clients who are facing major life challenges the professional assurances that someone does actually care about their emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual needs. 

In addition to running a range if courses in holistic energy medicine, healing, spiritual retreats and holistic holidays in the UK and Egypt for Light Workers and clients, Sean also facilitates Telephone Conferencing offering clients a two way interactive Therapeutic / Healing session by appointment. These sessions are another vehicle whereby the client has access 24 hours a day to a professional service ensuring confidentiality with the opportunity to ‘self-heal.’   

Prior to establishing the Sean Bradley Academy, Sean graduated as a Sacred Garden Designer using Holism and Energy Medicine. The ancient teachings of the ancient Essenes some 8000 years together with the Angel (Feng Shui) healing Bagua were instrumental in guiding Sean to incorporate these ancient Divine Blueprints as additional sacred tools in his work as an eclectic practitioner and designer.

If you would like to know more about working in partnership with Mother Earth and the Four Spheres of Angelic Beings then please visit our sister website to either arrange a personal telephone consultation or visit : www.angelgardens4u.co.uk 

If you would like to come to one of our monthly healing support group days here in Storth, South Lakes, then please visit: www.taucommunity.com  

Brother Sean will not turn anyone away because of not being able to pay! 

Clients who are unemployed or on a statutory Benefit can access the advice from Brother Sean for a donation.  

Telephone Consultations with Brother Sean

30 minute Healing Session: 
60 minute Consultation / Healing Session: 

When you pay for a  ‘1 to 1’ telephone session with Brother Sean, he will send an e-mail confirming an appointment (Date and Time) for you to contact Sean direct. Or, you can arrange for Sean to phone you at the agreed time to help save your telephone costs.

Non Residential Treatments 

60 minute (Non-Residential) Treatment:
- here Brother Sean invites the client to receive a full therapy. 
90 minute (Non-Residential) Treatment:
- here Brother Sean empowers the client embrace their PERSONAL story through '1 to 1' with time spent in reflection before their feet are anointed with the healing oils of Magdalene's Spikenard in the presence of the Archangels and Christ energies.
2 Hour Intensive (S.DNA.P) Spiritual DNA Re-Programming:
- here Brother Sean invites the client to face their inner negative mind-sets through a '1 to 1' client led therapy working with the ancient teachings of the Essenes empowering the client 're-programme their Spirit's DNA using a sequence of Affirmations over 30 days. The Therapeutic Session concludes with the client having their feet anointed with the healing oils of Spikenard that Mary Magdalene used on the feet of Jesus.
4 Hour Client Treatment:
- here Brother Sean invites the client to look at the core issues that have created their entrapment and through a series of '1 to1' therapeutic sessions the client is empowered to face their worst scenarios through the eyes of love. The therapy session concludes with a healing therapy where the client's feet are anointed with the healing oils of Spikenard that Mary Magdalene  used on the feet of Jesus. The client is given a set of positive Affirmations underpinned by the Nazarene Essenes to re-programme their Soul's DNA.  

Prozac Survivor's Counselling and Support:
- Clients who are on low incomes or who are unwaged, please contact us for details of costs 

£75.00 for 1 hour


Residential Therapeutic Channelling Treatments 

18 hour Residential Treatment:
This includes accommodation, food, 1 therapeutic channelled treatment and 3 x 60 minute face to face sessions.

24 Hour Residential treatment:
This includes accommodation, food, 1 therapeutic channelled treatment and 4 x 60 minute face to face sessions.


Both Treatment Plans are strictly confidential offering the client a '1 to 1' therapeutic environment to process any negative mind-sets, deep rooted issues with professionally qualified and skilled support. Safety and mutual respect are paramount in both sessions. 



Online Counselling

With the accessibility of the Internet, both in the work place and the home, many counsellors now offer online counselling support. As either a back up to your regular sessions, or a service that is provided purely on the Internet. Either via emails, their websites and telephone support. This concept of counselling affords you a greater choice of counsellors. You do not necessarily have to use a counsellor that you can travel to easily. The counsellor can be based anywhere if you like. There are pros and cons to this counselling and is all dependent on the individual looking. You may prefer face-to-face conversations; you may fell that you could be more honest and open if you do not have to be face to face. You may feel more committed if you make regular face-to-face contact. Or you may be just as encouraged by the online option. Some counsellors now have websites, even more have email addresses and all can be contacted by phone prior to making the decision as to which one you best think will suit you.

About General Online Counselling

Online counselling provides an alternative to traditional face-to-face counselling at a time when traditional methods are inaccessible, inconvenient, or not preferred. Online counselling may be a useful alternative for people, unable to make it to a counsellors office, live in a remote area, have a disability, limited time constraints, or would like to get an idea of how counselling works before seeing a counsellor face to face.

Online counselling is another method of communicating with a counsellor by email, through your computer. You can choose how many email exchanges you want, some people exchange a few emails and others may prefer a more personalised approach.








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