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The Bradleyan Technique in Holistic Energy Medicine

Empowering all soul seekers of truth experience the presence of pure selfless love from the Messengers of God facilitating their healing process.


Angel Healing Practical Course
- Distant Learning -

Course Summary

Aims and Overview

Course Pack

Materials included in course


Course Summary

Course pre-requisites: None

Rediscover, Reconnect and Release Negative Mind-sets by working in partnership with the Four Spheres of Angelic Beings. The course is heart centred and will empower you to embrace your Personal Guardian Angel who will guide, instruct and teach you how to love yourself and re-programme your DNA with love and light through positive affirmations as taught by the Essenes over 8000 years ago.


This life-changing module will boost to your immune system and other factors contained in this HOLISTIC COURSE - the benefits to yourself and others can be immeasurable! The ONLY side effect is that you  have the power to look and feel the best you possibly can.


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Angel Healing Practical Course
with tuition

Angelic Energies Book;
Healing meditations CD; 
30 minutes 1 to 1 tuition/ tutorial support via email; 
Course assessments and evaluation 
of course assignments; 
Course certificate

ONLY:  £85.00


Notes re: ‘1 to 1’ tutorial support:
All Support will be provided electronically by e-mail.  Residents of the UK & Europe will be able to access support by telephone by appointment only.


Course Aims

The overall Aim of the Angel Healing Course is to empower you the co creator of Source to:



A journey of Celebration- Joy - Laughter - Love - Acceptance of all that you are as a "Co Creator of the Divine". 


Empower you to identify with your Inner  Child through YOUR Heart and not your Head -embracing the Christ Consciousness preparing you for 2012.


Reconnect with your Inner Child through selfless love, laughter, joy, peace and acceptance of all that you are in TRUST.


Reclaim, liberate and set free your Inner Child in the presence of unconditional divine love, the Christ healing energies and the healing energies of the Archangels. 


Experience the presence of Angelic Healing Love in positive action.


Self heal using powerful angelic energies together with sacred tools of positive affirmations, silence, stillness, your essence and the healing energies of the group. 


Acquire skills and self healing tools that will empower you to release -heal and restore imbalanced energies.


Embrace the healing energies of Archangel Metatron, the Archangels Princes and Angels and the  through meditations – silence – home study – reflecting on the vibrational healing essence and energies of the sacred colours representing the Archangels.


Course Overview

You are invited by the Angelic Realms of pure selfless love  to reflect on the Home Study Guidelines and Course Assignments in the presence of selfless, unconditional love working with the sacred healing energies of Sananda Jesus, the Archangel Metatron, the Archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael and Angelic Realms.

During your periods of prayerful reflection and meditation with the Angelic realms, they will encourage you to reach within your being and acknowledge the “Wounded Child Within.”

The course audio teaching-materials will inspire your heart to to sense the presence of the Divine within  and using the guided healing meditations by Sean, the energies will open your hearts and souls to the Angels, that you may be empowered to self-heal, all that is broken, wounded and in pain.

This is a Course for YOU. if you are searching for clarity regarding the way forward in your spiritual faith journey. 

Everything  given to your heart is given in Love & Light. 

A time of joy, sharing and reconnection with all that you truly are.

Our Angel Healing Course is about loving yourself -taking back your POWER and CONTROL and moving forward in the knowledge that you are love -that you have always been loved -that you will be forever loved regardless!      

I believe that the Messengers of Source, our Father /Mother God, do not represent any Religion or Creed known to man. Angels are pure spiritual beings who represent pure, selfless divine love. They are the managers of our modern day diversity and their love empowers us reconnect with our divinity and embrace the Christ healing energies who in turn show us the face of God, the Creator of all that IS!

Sean Bradley
Principal of the Academy


The Course pack you will receive...

Upon receipt of your course fees, you will receive the following information immediately to download in PDF format:

  • The relevant course Programme with your Assignments.
  • The reading materials as detailed in your course (see below)

Via post:

  • The Healing Meditations CD
  • Your course certificate (to people receiving tuition, this will be sent towards the latter end of your course)


Materials included in the course



Additional Teaching Materials

If there is an inner core issue, i.e. living in fear of a past life memory of events, or a wounded child experience, then please feel free to go to our website and order the following recordings that may well assist your course work. They are:

CD: ‘Your wounded Child is your teacher’ by Sean Bradley (Optional)

CD: ‘Embracing your Inner Essence’ by Sean Bradley (Optional)

CD:  Create an Angel Peace Garden

If you would like to create your own personal Angel Peace Sacred Oasis, incorporating the beneficial healing properties of the Angel Bagua and Healing Trigram, then why not consider ordering a copy of Sean’s recent publication ‘Creating an Oasis for Angelic Healing Energies’.

Testimonies from our Students:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS COURSE.  As a journalist, it's not very often I find myself stuck for words but somehow, I can't seem to find the right words to express just how much I feel this has benefited me. Words don't seem to be enough somehow but it's been an amazing day and a truly wonderful experience.  I can't remember the last time I felt this calm and chilled out but I can say that it feels really good. I feel an inner sense of peace within me, like I've got some clarity and direction. I'd been feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed before but that really does seem to have lifted.  THANK YOU.  Having COMPLETED the course and experienced this amazing sense of inner peace within myself, I think I'll be able to promote future courses and workshops in an informed way, as someone that has experienced the benefits first hand.  Knowledge is confidence.  I feel much more confident now in that I'd know what I'm talking about whereas I would have been a bit out of my depth before. I am definitely going to set aside an hour everyday for my own quiet time (Spot permitting!!!!!).  Today, at the workshop was the first time where I managed to switch off and remove myself from all the things that were going on around me in my life. I feel that if I don't set aside some 'me time' on a regular basis, I'll forget how to achieve this calm so I'm definitely going to keep it up as it's done me the world of good. 
Love, Ramo in Manchester May '05.

It was lovely to meet you (at last!) yesterday and thank you for a really special course . Today I have been able to focus more clearly on the future regarding chanelling energies as this seems to be the one thing I hope to do.  This puts aside some of the other holistic treatments which have sprung to mind recently - even though they interest me, it is definitely channelling which I think I should be pursuing. This also falls into line with Reiki - so this is definitely the way forward for me. I shall now have a look at your other courses and be in touch. Love and Light. 
Pam Fouldridge Lancs.

When talking about the early days of the Gorton Monastery I said ‘Along the way we have been joined by many like-minded souls who I’m sure have been sent to us by the Angels when the timing was right and their skills were needed the most'.  One of those special people was Sean Bradley who was introduced to me when he came to do an Angels Workshop in Gorton several years ago.  Sean is a gifted and inspirational teacher who, through his gentle and humorous style creates a unique healing atmosphere for his audience.  The Angels brought love, joy and laughter to Gorton that day and I felt privileged to be in their company.’ 
Elaine Griffiths, Project and Co-Founder of The Monastery of St Francis & Gorton Trust & The Angels in Manchester. April 2004.

Hi Sean, I was at your workshop yesterday in Dublin; it was so beautiful for me. I felt truth more than anything else, the love was pure but the words were so real & alive in all that you expressed. It left me in no doubt that I am an angel of God that I can make the world a better place. I am delighted I got to spend a day in your lovely Divine presence; I deeply respect your journey; your truth. God must be so proud of you & the courage you show each day. I am blessed by your example & our meeting will be cherished & revisited in my Soul again. And for you Sean ,may your every heart beat be cherished & nourished by God.  
Namaste, Gillian Conboy DUBLIN.

It's Bob - I was at your Angel Conference on Sunday 26 September in Manchester - I was the cig scrounger!  All I can say is, as I told you on Sunday, I had a perfect day - great, natural, down to earth, amazing and informative speakers. I really enjoyed your talks - couldn't get enough of your philosophy, angel insight and your delivery, and I look forward to more. I am still buzzing after the event and look forward to seeing you again. 
Bob (Manchester)

Thank you so much for a really special course.  The content of the course. I don't really have the words to express just how much I got out of the course, but I know that I have taken it to my heart and it will stay there always.  I feel like a massive shift has happened somehow, can't really explain (burst into tears on Saturday night and cried my eyes out, so releasing and felt like a weight had been lifted afterwards).  I could try and explain with my head, but going to stop doing head thinking as much as I can.

I have been doing the affirmations, they seem to strengthen each time I say them. I am amazed at the coincidences and synchronicities I am noticing. I can't thank you enough, it just felt so right. 
Love, Michaela (Liverpool)

Buy this course now...


Angel Healing Practical Course
with tuition

Angelic Energies Book;
Healing meditations CD; 
30 minutes 1 to 1 tuition/ tutorial support via email; 
Course assessments and evaluation 
of course assignments; 
Course certificate






As with all complimentary and alternative therapies, none of the courses, therapies and treatments listed on my website or in our course manuals are meant to be a replacement for proper medical diagnosis, treatment or specialist care from your Medical Practitioner/GP/Consultant.

As a qualified nurse for over 38 years, I have always worked within the parameters of my profession and as such, never diagnosed client’s conditions, or prescribed medication, interfering with a Doctor’s treatment. As a fully accredited therapist I have adhered to that same policy and worked within that framework.

If you are currently in receipt of medical care and prescribed medication by your GP/ Medical Practitioner /Consultant, please do not stop taking your medication without seeking the advice from your Doctor/s.

If you have any concerns regarding your professional medical care, or your medical condition, I advise you most strongly to seek the advice of your GP/Doctor/Consultant/ Nurse Practitioner.

I do not accept any responsibility if you so decide to self medicate, or treat yourself using any information from my website or training manuals.

I accept no responsibility for any loss or damages caused as a direct or indirect result of the use or misuse of any information contained on this website or through the therapies and attunements offered by myself / our qualified therapists / our qualified teachers.

Treatments are only given to clients who are aged 18 years and over. If a minor seeks our professional advice, then a parent or guardian will be present during the treatment or consultation process.



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