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  The Bradleyan Technique in Holistic Energy Medicine


An Introduction to Sananda Jesus and Magdalene or (Difemasc Energies) Essenic Healing Practical Course  

Difemasc Energies Course
- Distant Learning -

Course Summary Aims and Objectives Course Pack Materials included in Course Testimonials

Course Summary

Course pre-requisites: None    

Rediscover Sananda Jesus, the Essene.

Reconnect with His essence.

Experience the presence of Magdalene the teacher.

Embrace their divinity and love for you by allowing Jesus and Magdalene enter your sacred space.

Re-learn how to love yourself and Release Negative Mind-sets through embracing an ancient philosophy dating back 8000 years.

By working the Christ healing energies in partnership with the Four Spheres of Angelic Beings you will come to recognise that you are not alone in your faith journey. 

The course is heart centred and will empower you to embrace the Sacred Heart Chakra of the Living Christ - the Avitar - the Teacher, who will guide, instruct and teach you how to love yourself and re-programme your DNA with love and light through positive affirmations as taught by the Essenes.


This life-changing course will boost to your immune system and other factors contained in this HOLISTIC COURSE - the benefits to yourself and others can be immeasurable! The ONLY side effect is that you  have the power to look and feel the best you possibly can.


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Difemasc Healing Practical Course
with tuition

Let Your Light Shine  Book;
Healing meditations CD; 
30 minutes 1 to 1 tuition/ tutorial support via email; 
Course assessments and evaluation 
of course assignments; 
Course certificate




Notes re: ‘1 to 1’ tutorial support:
All Support will be provided electronically by e-mail.  Residents of the UK & Europe will be able to access support by telephone by appointment only.


Course Overview

The course is very much about reconnecting with your Heart Centre - your Teacher! As light workers, we have a duty to care for self and take responsibility for our spiritual growth and development. So many therapists get embroiled in their head centre that they struggle to make sense of their life’s purpose and fail to achieve what they agreed in their Sacred Contract.

This course is a heart centred practical course that will empower you to achieve the following:

  • Reconnect with your Heart Centre.

  • Reclaim your divinity as a child of Source.

  • Embrace your divine gifting from a centre of love and light – Christ Consciousness.

  • Manifest your spiritual abundance as a child of God, a co creator of the Divine.

  • Embrace prosperity consciousness, worthy of who you are as a co creator of the I AM PRESENCE. 

  • Release all negative mind-sets through the use of Positive Affirmations as taught by Jesus, the Essene.

  • Eradicate ‘poverty consciousness that may have caused entrapment in your spiritual faith journey as a light worker.

  • Through home study, the use of the provided reading materials and the healing message and meditation of the Christ healing CD you will come to know Sananda Jesus, the Christ, in a personal and intimate way that is not based on Religion but solely focused on embracing Spirituality.

  • A better understanding of 2012 and its implications for you the Light Worker.

  • The teachings of the Essenes and the role of Mary Magdalene will empower you reconnect with Christ’s healing energy with clarity.


Course Details

Here are several snippets that may help you decide whether you wish to enrol on this course

The Christ energies come on ray 2, the blue ray of love, wisdom and devotion. The Christ energies come to help humankind increase their light vibration to one that reflects Christ consciousness. To lift human kind out of group consciousness which is in the third dimension, to the 5th dimension, so that all hearts, all souls beat as one yet remain individual. When all hearts and minds reflect Christ’s energies this is what is known as the second coming, all souls will know the Christ with in them. 

When I am in my sacred space in my prayer room, I make my connection to the Angelic realms and request the very presence of Christ himself. I feel His presence, sometimes I see him clearly, sometimes, I just know that He is there. One thing I do know is that it is like no other energy force; his power is all encompassing. He brings me peace; he comes with healing in his wings; he takes me deep into his sacred heart and deep within myself. He is the love of my life. He lifts me up when I am down; he carries me when I can no longer walk. In times past when I have lived in hell, he was right there with me. I know him well as he knows me that I know myself; he loves me with perfect love.

What is the significance of 2012?

2012 is a point in time when it is prophesied in the Mayan calendar, coinciding with the Harmonic’s concordance, when Christ will come again, the second coming, when Christ will return to Earth with his twin flame Mary Magdalene balancing the male and female energies. 21st December 2012, is the probable date for his return this is when earth is to Ascend to the 5th dimension.

The Qualities of Christ Consciousness

Christ consciousness does not know separation-it is all inclusive. It has the bigger picture so takes a neutral stance. It does not make judgements; does not criticise; it does not know fear and sees only love. It is the truth and rejoices in truth. It has no attachments to the physical world; it can live in the world but not of the world. It seeks the highest good for the whole. It is selfless, Christ consciousness knows only love. Christ is in the Father and the father is in the son and so it is with humans. Our hearts beat as one. In the 5th dimension, the time for talking is over; one has to live it. Walk your talk.


The Course pack you will receive...

Upon receipt of your course fees, you will receive the following information immediately to download in PDF format:

  • The relevant course Programme with your Assignments in
  • The reading materials as detailed in your course (see below)

Via post:

  • The Healing Meditations CD
  • Your course certificate will be sent towards the latter end of your course)


Materials included in the course



Additional Teaching Materials

If there is an inner core issue, i.e. living in fear of a past life memory of events, or a wounded child experience, then please feel free to go to our website and order the following recordings that may well assist your course work. They are:

CD: ‘Angel Healing Meditation CD ’ by Sean Bradley

CD: ‘Your wounded Child is your teacher’ by Sean Bradley (Optional)

CD: ‘Embracing your Inner Essence’ by Sean Bradley (Optional)

CD:  Create an Angel Peace Garden

If you would like to create your own personal Angel Peace Sacred Oasis, incorporating the beneficial healing properties of the Angel Bagua and Healing Trigram, then why not consider ordering a copy of Sean’s recent publication ‘Creating an Oasis for Angelic Healing Energies’.


Testimonies from our Students

I just wanted to thank you for the course and say that the content really motivated me to get my life back on track. Thanks for being here. 
Andrea xxx

Dear Sean, I did not have chance to thank you personally yesterday for a most enlightening and uplifting course that I recently had taken with you. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole of the course and I thank you from my heart for this wonderful gift that you have shared with me.  I certainly am a much 'richer' person. I am so glad that I had booked the this course and I look forward to taking the 2 day therapist’s course in therapeutic channelling in the Spring. I now feel ready to "shine my light" and 'boogie'. Many thanks again. Love and light. 

Testimonies from our Delegates about their experiences on taking the Course

Dearest Sean, Many thanks for your message. it is lovely to hear from you once again. I would like to thank you for the truly wonderful day we all shared at The Larkhill Community Centre.  I personally got so much out of the time I spent with your good self and all the other remarkable souls on that day. I've been reading your book ANGELIC ENERGIES also listening to the CD HEAL YOURSELF WITH THE CHRIST ENERGY and I have thoroughly enjoyed them both. Like yourself Sean, for the past 10 years or so I have been on a journey to find my true self. I have done lots of work on myself through taking part in different courses, workshops and self work to release the emotions and hurts that bound me and stopped me from being my true self but it is getting easier these days and I can say I love myself, the universe and my beautiful life thanks to myself and lots of help from others in clouding the Angelic realm. My life story is too long to put in an e-mail but being with you all on Saturday made me realise I Have probably been working with the CHRIST ENERGY and the ANGELIC realm for sometime but never realised it and that has just made me feel very emotional to admit to it so I will close for now Sean take care of your lovely soul that you are. Love light and blessings always,
Kathy x (Greater Manchester)

Hi Sean, Thank you for a lovely workshop.  Last night, for some reason, I picked up a book I had read over a year ago and opened it at random.   The book, The Way of the Essenes, Christ's hidden life remembered, quotes Jesus' words from the Akasha.  The following passage 'jumped out' at me: "I tell you my Brothers, be of those who may be recognized by the light flowing from their hearts.  The sun of the mind, only able to speak to its kind, hasn't any positive energy to offer. It destroys itself. "Let it be understood that my life is the life of those who go barefoot, those who are without artifice , who have rediscovered their roots.  It is a shorter distance from the soles of the feet to the heart than Earthly logic would allow you to believe".) Peace be with you. 
Margaret (Lymm, Cheshire)

Dearest Sean, It is my turn to say thank you to you for your presence and gift of sharing yourself and being the channeler of the Christ energies to us all.  It was truly a profound experience personally - I've felt incredibly uplifted feeling the presence of the love of God all around and especially in me.  It's had such a deep impact and reaffirmation of what my life's all about.  I f eel very blessed and feel deeply embedded in the heart of God's love and that I'm truly His child so loved by him.  Even as I write these words to you, tears of overwhelming joy, love and peace are flowing down my cheeks.  Wow! I've been feeling thoroughly exhausted but truly relishing in this wonderful experience.  I'm just savouring the moments and will each day revisit the experience in my quiet moment of meditation. Thank you once again for everything.  God bless you and keep you in His ever loving care and may the Angels continue to bestow their blessings upon you for the gracious work and ways you touch the lives of others. With love & light 
Doreen (Manchester)

Dear Sean, Thank you so much for the workshop on Saturday – I felt elated but very tired afterwards, but more certain than ever of my pathway.  Your words were very reassuring, and largely confirmed what I seemed to 'know' already.  The concept that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were two halves of the same sprit made me feel so happy, it was like putting in the missing piece of a jigsaw, and I love the idea that God is a millionaire! In love and light, 
Jane (Lymm, Cheshire)

Hi Shaun, I enjoyed the day very much thanks - it was thought provoking and very interesting and enjoyable. I didn't really know what to expect as Barbara had just said that you worked with angels and I thought I was just going to gently re-introduce myself to some "spirituality work", so it was a bit of a surprise that we wouldn't just be working with "angels" (perhaps those American commercialised ones) but THE angels and the Main man himself (or Main woman herself - to be correct !). It did make me feel very tired so I had a good nap when I got home. There were some parallels between my life and yours. Yes I am sure we shall meet again - I shall be listening to the CD I bought and trying to find a quiet place for myself for a daily burst of the angel energies. As far as the angel and Christ energy is concerned I presume that there are some attunements (perhaps given at the weekend retreat and beyond) to be able to access "higher" levels of the energy. Do you use symbols also? At this stage I am presuming that you have "introduced" us to the energies so that we can access them again through our own innate energy and those around us rather than receiving or needing any attunement as such. Thanks for helping me to receive a nightly burst of energy and hopefully I can send some back to you and also to others, Namaste 
Dean (Warrington, Cheshire)

Hi Sean, it was great to see you and hear you healing voice, it was like a soothing balm washing over me.  I was meant to be there - the messages I received were 'just ask'... when you asked us to look into the Christ face, I saw myself...I see the Lord in healers, like yourself and in our beautiful nature- we just have to be still and look. The message I received whilst having my feet blessed  were 'follow me' ...I also saw 4 beautiful  lights like diamonds.  It was a very moving experience.  I bought your lovely angelic healing CD,  your voice is like a healing balm washing and cleansing me. Thank you. I bought your blessed oils and used them whilst treating a client, it was a very special and sacred space we were in-thank you.  I really enjoyed the history of the Essenes, it was fascinating.  I could listen to you all day! I would love to come to Chapel Gap and just be still and at peace in your beautiful garden. Love and Light. 
Josephine, Edinburgh, Scotland


Buy this course now...


Difemasc Healing Practical Course
with tuition

Let Your Light Shine E-book;
Healing meditations CD; 
30 minutes 1 to 1 tuition/ tutorial support via email; 
Course assessments and evaluation 
of course assignments; 
Course certificate





As with all complimentary and alternative therapies, none of the courses, therapies and treatments listed on my website or in our course manuals are meant to be a replacement for proper medical diagnosis, treatment or specialist care from your Medical Practitioner/GP/Consultant.

As a qualified nurse for over 38 years, I have always worked within the parameters of my profession and as such, never diagnosed client’s conditions, or prescribed medication, interfering with a Doctor’s treatment. As a fully accredited therapist I have adhered to that same policy and worked within that framework.

If you are currently in receipt of medical care and prescribed medication by your GP/ Medical Practitioner /Consultant, please do not stop taking your medication without seeking the advice from your Doctor/s.

If you have any concerns regarding your professional medical care, or your medical condition, I advise you most strongly to seek the advice of your GP/Doctor/Consultant/ Nurse Practitioner.

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I accept no responsibility for any loss or damages caused as a direct or indirect result of the use or misuse of any information contained on this website or through the therapies and attunements offered by myself / our qualified therapists / our qualified teachers.

Treatments are only given to clients who are aged 18 years and over. If a minor seeks our professional advice, then a parent or guardian will be present during the treatment or consultation process.




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