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          1. Location-Home-About Lanbo-Company ProfileCompany Profile

            In 1992, Mr. Li Haibo, the chairman of Lanbo started the seaweed aquaculture business in the shore of North Yellow Sea, Haian, Jiangsu and set up Lanbo which was one of the earliest seaweed cultivation enterprises in China. Its headquarter lies in Nantong, Jiangsu and it has established production base, R&D centers and sales departments in other areas of the world like Shanghai, Yancheng, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and so on. Through the continuous development for more than 20 years, Lanbo Industry has taken a lead in producing and supplying seaweed in the industry, and successfully built up a whole industry chain operation model of nori- “elite breeding, ecological aquaculture, primary processing, deep processing and global business”.

            As the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Jiangsu, Lanbo owns 1,200 Ha clean waters away from the land in North Yellow Sea. Relying on the advantages of geographical resources at 32 degree north latitude, it established the largest modernized seaweed marine ecological aquaculture base in China and, in 2012, got the US NOP Organic Breeding Base Certification.

            In the areas of Nantong, Yancheng and so on built two primary processing bases of seaweed. There, 9 full-automatic seaweed processing lines are introduced in from Takeshita, applying the whole-process quality control system. The annual output of raw materials of seaweed in the two bases is 40,000 cartons and the industry scale is the largest in China. The newly expanded deep processing base of Lanbo owns 6 nori deep processing lines imported from Japanese TAITOU and SUZUKI, which can produce all kinds of nori products including dried seaweed, roasted seaweed, nori roll and so on. In the last decade, depending on the construction of food quality management system like HACCP, IFS and so on, supported by the third party quality monitoring of the world authoritative test organizations like SGS, INTERTEK and so on, the seaweed deep processing base of Lanbo Industry has achieved zero complaint in export products and, in 2008, was granted “Jiangsu Seaweed Export Demonstration Base” by Jiangsu Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Depending on the high-efficient and perfect 7-24 Order Delivery System, Lanbo products came into 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipality directly under the central government, spreading all over more than 40 key cities, and its global business spread across more than 20 countries and areas like U.S.A, Canada, UK, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and so on. And in 2006 Lanbo officially became the OEM producer of the world retail giants like TESCO, RT-MART and so on.

            Lanbo Industry is committed to the scientific research and innovation of seaweed, and has established strategic cooperative relationship with domestic and overseas famous nori research institutions to construct an innovation platform of Industry, teaching and research integration. The elite breeding base and scientific research center of seaweed established in 2008 is identified as “Jiangsu Seaweed Research Institution” and “Jiangsu Seaweed Seed Multiplication Farm”. In the last decade, the company has undertaken dozens of major key projects like National Agriculture 863 Project, Science and Technology Support Project and so on and has got more than 10 awards over provincial and municipal levels. Now it possesses leading positions in domestic and international patent maintenance industry.

            At the same time of developing its own industry, Lanbo has never forgotten the social responsibility of an enterprise. Through the output of capital, management and technologies, it leads 13 local seaweed aquaculture enterprises to commonly be rich. Since 2002, the per-acre and stand-alone yields of seaweed in Haian area have been in the first place steadily for ten years and Haian area is honored as “China Seaweed County”. Lanbo is also awarded as “Deputy Director General Unit of Jiangsu Province Seaweed Association”.