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            Location-Home-Industry Chain-Cultivation by Improved VarietyCultivation by Improved Variety

            Lanbo is committed to the scientific research and innovation of seaweed elite breeding, and has established strategic cooperative relationship with several domestic and overseas famous nori research institutions such as Jiangsu Marine Fisheries Research Institution, Institute of Oceanology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Ocean University to construct an innovation platform of Industry, teaching and research integration. In 2008, the world largest scale of 10,000-m2 seaweed elite breeding base was established, which was awarded as “Jiangsu Seaweed Seed Multiplication Farm” by Jiangsu Marine and Fisheries Agency. In the base, ocean temperature and intelligent ventilation control over breeding has completely realized. Output of breeding per square meter reaches up to 4.3 times more than nationwide average breeding output, which provides fine seedlings for China’s 40% seaweed aquaculture enterprise. In 2012, Lanbo Industry full coverage of improved varieties had been realized in the 1200-ha. marine ecological aquaculture base. In the last decade, the company has undertaken dozens of major key projects like National Agriculture 863 Project, Science and Technology Support Project and so on. It has achieved breakthroughs ceaselessly on seedling breeding technology, modern breeding technique application, introduction and development of new variety etc. It has got more than 10 awards over provincial and municipal levels. Now it possesses leading positions in domestic and international patent maintenance industry.

            ·Seaweed elite breeding base   10,000 m2          ·Efficiency of breeding per unit    4.3 times
            ·Covering-ratio of maricultural fine breeds  100%·National nori scientific research project  10 items