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      Location-Home-Industry Chain-Ecological AquacultureEcological Aquaculture

       At 32 degree north latitude, climate being pleasant, water being pure, in the sea area of South Yellow Sea, Lanbo has established 1200-ha. marine ecological aquaculture base and has over 400 cultivation workers with abundant experience working hard on sea throughout the year, in order to breed the seaweed extract with naturally green and nice and pure taste. Since 2005, the base has fully implemented HACCP food quality security management system to monitor the seedling breeding, seaweed aquaculture, harvest operation and transportation process in real time, and has been equipped with specialized marine environmental test team to regularly monitor the seawater nutrients, heavy metal, and the climate in sea area for aquaculture to ensure the best quality of seaweed. In July, 2012, Lanbo has got the US NOP Organic Breeding Base Certification, becoming the first seaweed aquaculture enterprise in the industry to pass this certification.

      ·Marine ecological aquaculture base  1200 ha.      ·skilled workers of aquaculture industry  400

      ·Offshore work ships  20.                                  ·Annual output of seaweed raw materials  6000 t