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      Location-Home-Industry Chain-Deep ProcessingDeep Processing

      Seaweed deep processing base is the project of large comprehensive nori deep processing center established by Lanbo, which is among the world’s best and the largest at home. This project was laid a foundation in April, 2013 and constructed and put into operation in November 2013, of which the total investment is 35,000,000 Yuan, the floor area 10,000 m2 and the building area 7500 m2. And it can make the annual output of nori products be more than 50,000 cartons of amount of finish. It is a processing center gathering all varieties, forms and seasons of roasted nori, seasoning nori, nori roll etc. The base brings in the equipments of automatic flow production line from Japanese TAITOU and SUZUKI, implementing the traceability system of quality control. And it establishes the third party product quality monitoring system with the world authoritative test organizations like SGS, INTERTEK and so on to ensure the products be secure from “producing area to dining-table”. The base has passed ISO 22000, HACCP, IFS International Food Security Certification, KOSHER and USDA Organic Food Certification, and has been the nori OEM producer of the world retail giants like TESCO, RT-MART and so on for 8 years.

      ·Roasted seaweed processing line 6 lines Production scale800,000 sheets/day

      ·Seasoned seaweed processing line 2 lines Production scale150,000 sheets/day

      ·SUZUKI roll nori equipment 1 Production scale50,000 sheets/day

      ·Kizami nori equipment 2  Production scale200 KG/day

      ·Nori packaging equipment 8 Production scale15,000 packs/day