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       Since 2005, to meet the customers’ needs of different areas, Lanbo has successively established Shanghai Lanbo Nori Trade Co., Ltd, Shanghai EHAO International Trade Co., Ltd, which respectively manages the domestic circulation channel business and international OEM business that are affiliated with the Lanbo Group. Depending on rapidly developed ERP system, Lanbo Industry has effectively coordinated the delivery process of pre sales, during sales, production, check, logistics and so on, and has achieved “real-time order, full-time respond” since the establishment of high-efficient and perfect 7-24 Order Delivery System. At present, Lanbo products has come into 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipality directly under the central government, spreading all over more than 40 key cities, and its global business spread across more than 20 countries and areas like U.S.A, Canada, UK, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and so on.