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Incensing a room
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  History of Incense

  Incense burning can be traced back through thousands of years of history to the present day.
It is an early form of herbal medicine, the process of letting aromatic substances from plants burn slowly over a heat source such as charcoal.  The resulting smoke contains substances which affect us physically, emotionally, spiritually. 

It is the foundation of today's aromatherapy.  There is historic evidence in most cultures that our ancestors used incense burning for sacred and
healing purposes.

Incense is used in spiritual ceremonies and ritual to deepen and support meditation, prayer, contemplation, and connection with higher energies.

It can assist in healing practices, helping to induce a state of calm and heightened spiritual awareness.  

Burning incense can have a profound effect when it is used to cleanse the atmosphere. Some spiritual and religious traditions still use incense to prepare the congregation for prayer and ritual.

Many people are familiar with the use of incense sticks or cones and burning essential oils.

Unfortunately many of these products are laden with synthetic substances making them ineffective and toxic. 

Terra Santa's traditional loose blend incenses are hand blended using pure natural ingredients, gums, resins, herbs and spices from around the world.  They are taken from original formulas, some dating back thousands of years. 

The philosophy of Terra Santa is to use ingredients that are organic and ethically sourced where possible, keeping in mind the fragile state of the Earth's ecosystem and the burden we humans put upon it. Equally important to us is human health and our concern that everyday we are subjected to countless potentially damaging and toxic substances in products that we take for granted. We want to help make responsible choices for ourselves and the world which we affect.

Incensing a room


You need the following:

  1. Incense Boat / container
  2. Charcoal tablets
  3. Small candle
  4. Matches / lighter
  5. Incense


Method of burning incense:

  1. To Light a Charcoal tablet – place tablet over lighted candle and wait for the tablet to ignite. Observe for signs of sparkling around tablet.
  2. Place lighted charcoal tablet in incense boat /dish and gently swing backwards and forwards. Observe container at all times for safety.
  3. When charcoal is fully ignited (ashen colour) this takes approx 10-15 minutes to get fully ignited –then place small portion of incense onto charcoal.
  4. Add incense accordingly.
  5. When finished with incense, please take care, as charcoal tablet can remain hot under ash. Flush down toilet when finished.
  6. Wipe incense dish and place into box for safekeeping.


Using incense to bless the room:

  1. Stand in the centre of the group and face North: Invite and Invoke the Archangel Michael to come and bless this day /the event /and each person present. Conclude by saying Thank You.

  2. Facing East: Invite the Archangel Uriel and ask him to Bless the event etc end by saying Thank You.

  3. Facing South: Invite the Archangel Gabriel and repeat as above- don’t forget to say Thank You.

  4. Facing West: Invite the Archangel Raphael and Invite Raphael and his team of healing angels to bless all present. Conclude with a Thank you.


Using the Incense to bless those present:

  1. Ensure group are seated in half or semi circle with sufficient room to walk in front and behind them. Incense each person by rotating incense dish clockwise saying: I invite the Archangel Metatron and Source Angel to anoint and appoint you as a chosen one today –say thank you.

  2. Having incensed each person present –walk to the centre of the room and turn facing the angel picture /figures and incense to the right –to the left –above and below the angel picture / figures. Conclude by reverently acknowledging the presence of the Archangels and bow down in the presence of the energies and then place incense dish in a safe place beside the angel painting /figures.


The incense procedure is now complete!


Suggested incense:

Morning: Rosa Mystica (sacred incense)
Afternoon: Guardian Angel (sacred incense)

Both these incenses can be obtained from Gaynor Jackson at Terra Santa in Manchester (Tel:  +44 (0)161 775 9943)



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