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Brother Sean has been guided by the teachings of Jesus and Magdalene to pass on their inspired Techniques using 'Essenic Holistic Energy Medicine,' as underpinned by the ancient School of Essenes dating back 8000 years to the Prophet Enoch. 
This same energy formed the core values and beliefs of the same 'soul therapy' that Magdalene used on the feet of Jesus before His death.  
2000 years ago, Saint John and Magdalene re-established the Egyptian School of Essenic Holistic Medicine at Mount Carmel, safeguarding the original teachings of Jesus that were eventually handed down via the nursing monks of that era to the present day.   

DIPLOMA COURSE IN ESSENIC MEDICINE  Embracing Difemasc Energy (Magdalene and Sananda Jesus), underpinned by the ancient teachings of the Essenes

Course Aim Course content Cost/How to book

Terms & conditions


  • Are you interested in pursuing a qualification in holistic energy medicine?

  • Do you wish to know more about how the ancient teachings of the Essenes can assist you in the re-programming of your soul’s DNA?

  • Are you interested in nurturing a personal spiritual relationship with Sananda Jesus and the Divine Feminine Mary Magdalene as a healer in service to Source?

  • Are you interested in teaching others about spiritual healing working in partnership with Sananda Jesus and the Divine Feminine?

  • Have you ever sensed in your heart that you were once connected with Jesus as an Essene by the Red Sea?

  • Would you like to acquire an in depth knowledge about the Essenes/The Johannine Community of Essenes of Mount Carmel?

  • Are you interested in healing the lives of ordinary men and women in search of spiritual love and light working in divine partnership as a Therapist/ Healer with the Sananda Jesus/ Magdalene healing energies using sacred touch and the healing oils of Spikenard?

  • Are you sufficiently interested in working with Mother Mary as a key player in creating a positive change and lasting peace in your local community and the world as a whole?

  • Are you searching for a practical understanding of how to develop and nurture in your daily life re: Prosperity Consciousness with Spiritual Abundance?

  • Do you sense that you have never felt that you belonged in this world and that there is ‘still something missing’ in your Life?

If you have answered Yes to any of the above, 
then this course is definitely for you...



Course Aims

In 1998, following a severe mental health breakdown, Sean received several channelled messages from the Archangels to adopt the Angel Healing Bagua and Trigram, (Feng Shui Bagua) to self heal himself.

Throughout his life, Sean has been aware from his time spent as a nursing monk in the mid 1960’s and through his 38 years as a qualified nurse that he had an affinity with Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Despite the teachings of the Catholic Church, Sean never accepted what was said about Mary Magdalene that she was a prostitute but believed in his heart that her was a spiritual leader and woman of great wisdom who was connected both spiritually and intimately with Jesus. In 1998,  whilst Sean was going through a spiritual ‘dark night of the soul experience’ Jesus spoke to him and encouraged Sean to take on the role of been the hands and feet of the Master Jesus and touch lives through the ancient healing art that Mary Magdalene used on the feet of Jesus when she anointed his feet with the oils of Spikenard. To this day, Sean has nurtured as well as trained many light workers to embrace their own gifts as spiritual healers and therapists of the Sean Bradley Academy.

The many clients who have benefited from experiencing this unique therapy have said that it does changes lives. Unlike reiki, many who have received this therapy from Sean’s hands have said that is unlike anything they have ever experienced. The words ‘soul therapy’ have been described to explain the total feeling of ‘spiritual completeness’. No other words can best describe what Sean really does except to say that one does see and sense Jesus and Mary Magdalene during the therapy. 

As members of the same spiritual family of Source, when a brother or sister is hurting somewhere in the world, we too share in their suffering as we are connected by our divine birthright in one way or another.

Our presence here is more about learning to love and forgive ourselves and give oneself permission to celebration our uniqueness as a beautiful child of God. For many of us, our faith journey may have involved dealing with many inner core issues that may have left us feeling alone, despairing, depressed even rejected by loved ones.

This course is a practical gift of love from the Lord Sananda Jesus and Mary Magdalene to assist us embrace all that we are and can be if we but dare to trust in their love. From the moment that you accept their personal invitation to embrace their love you will be shown in a loving way how you can to can be the hands and feet of the Master Jesus and be instruments of positive change to self heal before healing others. 

During the course, the Archangels, Mother Mary, the Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalene (The Divine Feminine) will guide your heart to learn the simple art of how to pray, listen, meditate and discern what they are saying to you. All that they ask of you is to trust and be guided by your heart, your God centre, your teacher. Their love will empower you take back your personal power and speak your truth from a heart of love not hate. A time of wholeness, peace and unconditional love will follow, allowing all those who are drawn to you and your work with the Angels to heal and transform in your spiritual energy field of divine Love and Light.

The Diploma Certificate Course in Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine using Therapeutic Channelling is an ideal course either for Probationers or Practitioners. A 6 Modular training course that will empower you to connect with the Four Spheres of Angelic Beings-the Messengers of Source. Each module is accompanied with the necessary written and audio course work that will support you in reclaiming your divinity as a co creator/spiritual eco-warrior for Sananda and the realms. You are invited to incorporate all of your life skills and knowledge base in holism that will accentuate your spiritual gifts as a light worker, channelling the Christ, Magdalene energies



Course content


  • Assistance in connecting with the healing energies of Sananda Jesus and Magdalene.

  • Tools to ascertain constant Spiritual Growth

  • Assistance in applying the principles of the ancient teachings of the Essenes.

  • Support in engaging and communicating with the Divine Feminine and the Angels.

  • AN understanding about 2012 and the dawn of the New Aquarius. 

  • The importance of healing through and with visualisation embracing the sacred heart charka of Jesus. 

  • Meditation practice and skills

  • Manifestation, connecting with Sananda Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

  • Student Support and supervision from a qualified mentor.

  • Client Support and how to ground, protect and nurture a therapeutic holistic relationship.

  • Guidance on the use of ‘Positive Affirmations’ to re-programme a negative mindset as demonstrated by Sananda Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the Angels of the Healing Bagua.

  • Learning about Psychic attack and how to protect oneself/clients/others.

  • All aspects relating to Spiritual Healing

  • How to use Distant Healing and Channelling healing energy.

  • Practical ‘1 to 1’ supervision from Sean on the simplicity of working with the therapy.

  • The ingredients used to formulate and bless the healing oils used in the therapy.

  • How to make a spiritual retreat as a light worker and remain spiritually attuned and intone.

  • How to discern negative voices.

  • Working with healing energies involving light, colour and crystals.

  • How to create a Prayer Corner and connect with Source.

  • The Spirituality of caring for self; the client and fellow therapists.

  • Karmic Releasing of outdated vows for self and clients.

  • Working with Mother Earth and Nature Spirits to ground and protect self and clients.

  • How to manifest Abundance into ones personal life as a therapist.

  • Releasing Negative mind-sets; fear and identifying stress related illnesses.

  • Resolving inner core issues.

  • Sacred Contracts.

  • The Academy Code of Ethics.

Course Aims and Overview
Overview of Module 1: Working with Angelic Healing Energies. Embracing the Angel energies of the Four Spheres underpinned by the teachings of the Divine Blueprint-the Angel Bagua and Healing Trigram. Rediscover, Reconnect and Release Negative Mind-sets by working in partnership with the Four Spheres of Angelic Beings. The course is heart centered and will empower you to embrace your Personal Guardian Angel who will guide, instruct and teach you how to love yourself and re-programme your spiritual DNA with love and light through positive affirmations as taught by the Essenes. This module comes with specific reading and audio materials to support your course assignments that will sustain your personal learning, spiritual growth and development. See course materials.     
Overview of Module 2: Embracing "DIFEMASC" Energy (Christ /Magdalene Healing Energies). Rediscover Christ, the Essene, Reconnect with His essense, embrace His divinity, re-learn how to love yourself, and release negative mind-sets by working the Christ healing energies in partnership with Mary Magdalene. The course is heart centered and will empower you to embrace the Sacred Heart Chakra of the Living Christ - the Avitar - the Teacher, who will guide, instruct and teach you how to love yourself and re-programme your ‘Spiritual DNA’ with love and light through positive affirmations as taught by the Essenes. This module comes with specific reading and audio materials to support your course assignments that will sustain your personal learning, spiritual growth and development. See course materials.                                                                                         

Overview of Module 3: Embracing the theory and Practice of Therapeutic Channelling, underpinned by the ancient teachings of the Essenes and the Angel Bagua.-This Module aims to reconnect the self with the innocence of inner Divinity and then learning how to channel the sacred healing energies of Christ with the Four Sphere of Angelic beings using the Angel Bagua and Healing Trigram, using sacred symbols, touch, blessed oils and ‘channelled words from one’s Heart Centre ‘Christ Consciousness,’ underpinned by the ancient teachings and phisolophies of the Nazarene Essenes. The module is aimed at those who are dedicated to finding their inner self of love and are ready to undergo emotional change as they uncover their hidden potential of living through the Heart Centre / not the head, and the channelling of Christ’s powerful energies to assist others in self-healing. This module is unique! It challenges YOU to take back your control and personal power. During the module your course work will ‘Affirm’ you that as a co creator of the Divine, you are ‘whole, perfect and complete.’ As a therapist, YOU are invited to embrace the teachings of the Essenes; their way of life and connect with your Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother by working in partnership with the Four Spheres of Angels. This module comes with specific reading and audio materials to support your course assignments that will sustain your personal learning, spiritual growth and development. See course materials.                         

Overview of Module 4: Course Assignment based on your life experiences before undertaking this course.

Overview of Module 5: Practical examination re: Administering the Therapy with your tutor/ Face to face tutorial with course facilitator / or named mentor re: teaching demonstration of the therapy.

Overview of Module 6:  Students to provide their course tutor with 3 Client Case Studies  demonstrating their fitness to practice before graduation.

The Diploma Certificate course in Essenic Healing Energies/Therapeutic Touch includes:

  • Home study course with 6 hours personal training (Res or Non-res) and final practical assessment with Sean, the Barefoot Angel Man. 

  • All Course materials. (Audio CD’s; DVD and Manuals).

  • Certification upon completion of course and home studies. This certification will enable you to gain insurance with the FOH (UK) & Global Forum of Spiritual Healers to practice as a Therapeutic Channeller/Healer Practitioner.

  • The certification will enable you gain entry to our Diploma Certificate course in Teaching Essenic Energy Medicine using Therapeutic Channelling to students. 

  • Twelve month licence to practice as a Certified ‘Sean Bradley Academy’ Practitioner Healer. 

  • An invitation to renew on an annual basis thereafter, subject to review and standards being met as per the Academy’s Ethics Code of Conduct.

  • Attunement to the Sananda Jesus/Magdalene Energies by Sean at our healing centre in South Lakes, or by Distant Healing/Attunements.

  • Quarterly In-House Academy Newsletter.

  • Personal invitation to attend our in-house Monthly Healing Support Group /Retreat Days for our Therapists. www.taucommunity.com  

  • Invitation to apply for the license to practice as a fully accredited Therapeutic Channeller /Teacher Practitioner, working with the Sananda Jesus, Magdalene energies, underpinned by the ancient teachings of the Nazarene Essenes.

Certified Sean Bradley Therapist /Healer Licence includes:

An accredited certificated course recognised by the Federation of Healers (UK) and licence to practice as a fully qualified angel therapist. 



Sean Bradley Academy Terms and Conditions

The UK law is the applicable law for this website. All orders made via this website indicate acceptance of our terms and conditions as outlined below, so please ensure you read and agree to them before completing your booking as by doing so, you are entering a legally binding contract. 

The Sean Bradley Academy endeavours to deliver high quality services as advertised but retains the right to cancel, postpone or change dates and/or times without notice. In the unfortunate case of an event being altered, you will be notified at the earliest possible time via the contact information you have provided and will be given the choice of rebooking, subject to availability, or receiving a refund or exchange credit.  

All students who choose to opt for settling their course fees by instalments are advised to apply for a copy of the Learning Contract to sign before applying for this course. 

You can contact us via email at seansacademy@aol.com or write to: 

Sean Bradley Academy, Chapel Gap, Storth, Milnthorpe, Cumbria. LA7 7JL. UK. 


Graduation / Final Attunement to Sananda (Jesus) 

On completion of the Certificate Course and receipt of your course work, you will receive the following:

·        Your Final Attunement to Sananda Jesus - the Magdalene/ Angelic energies will be provided by Sean either here at Chapel Gap in the presence of our Therapists during one of their Quarterly Support Group Days, or on a date arranged by mutual appointment.  

·        Your Graduation as a Therapist is recognized as a special time of celebration within the Academy. The Graduation ceremony is held 4 times a year when our Family of Therapists are present to welcomed our new graduates as friends of the Tau Interfaith Community of Saint Francis.  www.taucommunity.com

·        Graduation ceremony, our qualified therapists /members of the Tau Community will preside over your Final Attunement by the laying on of hands over your Crown Chakra. Sean will then proceed to anoint your hands and feet with the sacred healing oils welcoming you as a qualified light worker in service to Sananda Jesus in the presence of the Mother Mary, The Divine Feminine and the Angelic Realms. Immediately proceeding, Sean will present each Graduate with their certificate, personal ID badge and a copy of the Academy Code of Ethics. 

·        Membership to the Academy -free for the first 12 months.

·        Membership to the Tau Community 'interfaith Spiritual Family' - membership costs £15.00 (sterling) for the 12 months, or £50.00 (sterling) for life. All fees are given to support the administrative costs of the Tau Pastoral Team /Community, a non profit making group. Here you will enjoy the spiritual benefits of the prayer life of our members and students. Please see webpage:  www.taucommunity.com

·        Our Quarterly in-house Therapist's Newsletter.

·        Invitation to attend our monthly Therapist's Support Group Study/Retreat Days at Chapel Gap, South Lakes in Cumbria. 

Student Testimonials

Dearest Sean, after being awakened to my spirituality in 2000 I have been led to various therapies and down many pathways always to my benefit  but never has anything touched me like yours, it has touched parts of my being that I never knew existed, my soul my whole being.  It has helped me move 'shite', as you call it, that has been haunting me for years. It has given me a more deeper insight into my spirituality and the Devine.  and I can only be grateful for having experienced this. When I came up to Storth I had this overwhelming sense of 'coming home'. it was such a beautiful day, the bond between us all was fantastic. Take care of yourself, Sean as you have got such a lot of important work to do! Janet (Cheshire).

Dear Sean, your recent course materials have changed my life so much already and each course module that I have recently completed brings me even more magic and a closer Heavenly connection to my Creator Father, Lord Jesus, all in Heaven and the Angelic Realms. The Christ Healing CD Meditation transported me to a lovely place to be healed when I really needed it. Thank you Lord Jesus. So many wonderful enchanting experiences including Divine Synchronicity or serendipity has been introduced to me that my life is taking on a magical quality that I have never experienced before. This course has enabled me to face my inner wounded child and all of her entrapments, so that God and the Lord Jesus Christ and the Angelic realms could heal and release her and in doing so, completely healed my Heart Centre……words cannot come close to how emotionally I feel today. Joy, Love, Gratitude and Awe and above all, a deep longing and desire to help others heal as well, but already the words, ‘Physician Heal Thyself’ springs to mind, so I have to adhere to those words and obey them first. God bless and thank you Sean for this amazing, life changing and enhancing, miraculous, uplifting, healing, spectacular course. Deirdre, Croyden. July 2006.

Dear Sean, What can I say... The two day Therapeutic Healing course was so transforming and uplifting to everyone that it seemed to me we were living in another time another space.  Many, many thanks my dear friend for all your loving teaching, humour and all the aeons of preparation you must have put into this work, apart from the hours spent on your knees so to speak.  I would like to reiterate the message that " everyone on the course, including you, my dear man, is a beautiful gift to the others, each one having gone through their own " fire" and coming out the other side a very different person. Thank you again Sean and Rob for your kindness, God Bless have an Angelic peaceful sleep Lots of love and Light. Janet x (28/5/06)

Dearest Sean, Thank you ! What an awesome 2 days, Sean.  What fabulous, humble people.  It's hard to put into words how I feel but I know that Jesus was speaking to me in my quiet time last night.  It was clear as a bell that He is walking with me and all of us - reassuring me that you don't have to be a reiki master for the experience to be just as real.  It was like discovering a friend that you have admired from a distance but didn't really have a close relationship with, until now. My beloved husband is taking an interest and asking me about all that happened - he is trying so hard to put aside his worries about losing me (he's never said it but I KNOW it, bless him).  Jesus and the angels are helping him (and both of us), he just doesn't realise it. None of the group could have moved so far without you and the oasis you create, Sean.  It was a cathartic experience for some and was humbling to witness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I trust your dream will come true. God bless you, my dear friend in Christ and the brother/sisterhood. Love & Light. Irene xx (29/5/06)

I embarked onto this course not knowing what it would bring or how it would eventually change my perspective on life. Straight away Sean made all of us feel at ease in explaining what the course entailed over the 2 modules over 2 days. To be a good teacher one has to be sympathetic, be able to empathise and able to converse with anyone on any level. Sean did all of this and more. His way of putting things across was so simple but powerful. His voice was soothing and relaxing. God always says that we should shine our light so that others may see. Sean’s light shines brightly but with the pure light of unconditional love, honesty, healing and compassion. The course was an opening of a brand new beginning in my spiritual pathway. Many questions that had been left unanswered all these years have finally been answered. My togetherness with God, mankind and mother earth has become stronger and my faith restored. I always knew that on this mother earth we all have a purpose. Through this course it has made it more clearly in what mine is. The course showed me the difference between something idealistic and what really is realistic. I finally found again the child within me. To become as one with God and mankind one has to become a child again. For in becoming the child you find the purpose, the reason why we are here on this mother earth. You find your true inner self, the light no longer is a flicker it becomes a radiant flame that shines brightly. Not only touching one’s life but others in the process. On each module I thought you could go no further in finding one’s self. How wrong I was. I found memories hidden away, the hurt, anguish, confusion, pain and sorrow. Through the course it not only healed us on the outside but also on the inside, but more so, our spirit. My faith became stronger and my purpose in life became even clearer. I have always believed we are here to help each other with unconditional love and no strings attached. It’s in the doing that counts and not what one can make from it. The course was so uplifting, so encouraging and so knowledgeable. Jennifer Sykes-Rhineheart.

In the spiritual pathway you walk, many people come into your life. Some touch your heart, some your soul - Sean did everything in love.  Maria London


Course Costs 

All students who choose to opt for settling their course fees by installments are advised to apply for a copy of our Learning Contract to read and sign before applying for this course. 

You can contact us via email at seansacademy@aol.com or write to: Sean Bradley Academy, Chapel Gap, Storth, Milnthorpe, Cumbria. LA7 7JL. UK. 

To pay by instalments...

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3


Module 4

Module 5 (Residential Component, including 1-1 practical tutorials/assessments and graduation with Sean Bradley) £100.00
Module 6 (Client Case Studies Assessment) £100.00

To pay by one off payment...
(which includes a saving of £40.00!)

Total Course fee


    Or you can send your payment by Sterling Cheque only, payable to Sean Bradley.   
Modular Course Materials

The Modular Course packs you will receive...

Upon receipt of your instalment of course fees, you will receive a course programme which holds all your assignments applicable to that Module.

In addition, the following Modules will also receive the following information to download in .PDF format and via post as shown below...

Additional materials included in the 
Modular 1 Course



Additional materials included in the
Module 2 course



Additional materials included in the 
Modular 3 Course


Hard copies of all of the above reading materials are available upon request. There is an additional cost incurred due to weight/Postage costs.  Please contact:  seansacademy@aol.com for further details. 


There is a choice of CDs and Videos providing powerful healing meditations recorded by Sean that are suitable for running a retreat day for your students/therapists – see Shopping Page


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