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Following the magnanimous voting results in the American elections of November 4th 2008, it is heartening for those of us who still believe in miracles, despite the negativism and global recession that is now zapping the very breath of Divine Love from our being. As Confucius once said, ‘When apple on tree is ripe, it falls’! This is another one of those profound statements of fact that is infused with common sense and yet, many have need of a ‘kick start’ from an abundance of negativism, fear and deep anguish to propel the soul back God’s peace.

Through all of the inner disquiet caused by, ‘greedy entrepreneurs,’ there is HOPE and we have an important tool in God’s tools box called the ‘Power of Prayer. Yes, so many times it would seem that our personal prayers are put on God’s backburner! I believe that prayer is always answered by God. When everything is in its proper place and we are ready to receive God’s miracles, then we can appreciate the power of prayer and enjoy the miracles. It is regrettable to see many souls who are more preoccupied with their wants list, forgetting that they have needs too. God only gives to His children their needs, not their items from their ‘want list.’ 

There are numerous examples of answered prayer not just in the Bible. The Chosen people had given up on God until Moses parted the Red Sea to lead them to freedom-yes, they did! No one ever envisage the Berlin Wall being torn down brick by brick-yes it did! Take the plight of the black Americans who after forty years of determined prayer guided by the late Rev. Martin Luther King, they never gave up on letting God bring forth his dream that ‘one day, all would become one.’ The election of a black man, Barach Obama as the new President elect of the United States of America is truly a miracle from God and a breath of fresh air not just for America, but for the entire world. Mankind needs leaders who KISS, (Keep It Simple Server).

Have you got a dream? Well, manifest it today by sharing it with God today. Remember, prayer is not totally for God’s benefit; but for our benefit!  In my life, I have seen the hand of God at work through the many mistakes, inappropriate choices and wrong decisions made. Yes, I too have danced round many handbags, even heavy suitcases too. Yes, I am no exception to you as I have fallen down many times in my faith journey to God. Yes I did! Thankfully, God has answered my earnest prayers despite forty years of crying from my own wilderness to see my life going full circle and returning to a better place where I am now free of guilt, fear, religious oppression and denial. Please read more in the Tau News. It may challenge you to listen more to your heart than the head!  

Recently in prayer, I was guided by Jesus not to process His words in my heart using the NLP route! Why? Because, NLP is geared for the head and ego. I discovered that when we do use NLP in processing the language of the soul, we are in effect entertaining the enemy of the soul and God to rape our divinity!

You might be asking how can this be as NLP is an effective tool in resolving issues. Yes, I accept that NLP is an invaluable tool in the career and professional pathway to nowledge and resolving conflict. However, when we receive a clear instruction from God's Holy Spirit to our hearts that directs us to make several adjustments in how we pray. In NLP, the ego or head needs to know more information by asking 'what is this or that now saying to me?' The ego needs feedback to satisfy the head. I believe that when we engage with our heart using NLP then we run the gauntlet of loosing the simplicity of faith where absolute trust is an essential sacred tool uniting one's heart with that of God. If and when we ask the question, 'now, what's that all about,' we are indulging the ego/head centre to look for a rational answer. Faith is not based on rational answers. Faith is a belief in God's word where we trust implicitly in God's truth.

In our conclusion, if and when we use the LP route to process what God is saying to our hearts, then we will inevitably cause entrapment for our soul allowing the enemy of God to discourage the soul and we will end up being lead us away from God's simple truth. In this context, NLP is not encouraged when processing God's words as the heart never really needs to now as it is governed by absolute trust based on faith.  

 Embracing Change with an Open Mind and a Loving Heart enables God to provide the Miracle our soul truly needs for our survival in this chaotic fragile world of ours.

The decision is now yours to make if you are searching for a meaning and a purpose to your spiritual life. If I can assist you, then please contact me at: seansacademy@aol.com    


(Rev.) Brother Sean TCOSF



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