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Remembered in Meditation by Brother Sean before God each night 11pm-1am GMT by the Members of the Monastery of Saint Francis who are affiliated to Tau Interfaith Franciscans Monastic Community of Saint Francis throughout each and every day.

Prayer is another powerful tool that reconnects the mind and heart of mankind with their God/Dess. Another tangible expression is to light a votive candle as a personal 'THANK YOU' to God for your intentions. 

Why not consider sponsoring a 7 day Votive Candle that will be lit for your requests in Brother Sean's Oratory. The proceeds will go towards the Tau Interfaith Spiritual Community


Lighted Votive (7 day) Candle for Your Prayer requests 


Name Area/Country Message
Sr Olivea Kent's Bank, Grange over Sands That God's Spirit will guide you for the tasks ahead
Jackie and Shirley Powys Thank You for your support as Trustees.
Catherine's son Adam Preston For a Miracle
Brother Peter Kendal Support for the Loss of his sister.
All the Students on the IFS Course Manchester 2010 Group Thank God for their completion of their first year.
Sr. Jean Sandside, Cumbria A Date for removal and guidance re: new home
Sr. Lorraine's Mum Atherton, Greater Manchester Healing
Sister Angela Kennedy Bunclody, Co Wexford. Ireland The opening of her new Angel Healing Centre and Tau Meditation Group
Sr Sheila Makay TCOSF Edinburgh Healing
Mrs McCarthy Dublin Prayer for healing
Sonia Co Dublin Prayers for healing for blood clots
Jayne Merseyside Prayers for her Aunt Pat who died recently
Paul and Phil Manchester Support re: loss of their pet dog Charlie
Anne Heywood Divine Guidance
Dawn Warrington  Prayer requested for healing
Angela Lancs 2 7 day votive candles requested for personal prayer
Andrey USA A 7 day votive candle requested for work related issues
For Rob and fellow Interfaith Students Manchester Group 2010 That their desire to train as interfaith ministers will help eradicate the religious bigotry that still exists.
For all mankind worldwide That our selfish ways will be brought to God and that we can ask for God's forgiveness and love
For the Greedy Few who contributed to the world recession Worldwide That their actions of selfishness and greed now affecting the innocent will be healed by God's love  
Angela Co Wexford. Ireland That God will continue to bless her new business venture
John Heversham For a successful surgical op on Wednesday 18th Feb'09
Jean Sandside For a satisfactory Post Operative recovery
Sheila and Mum Dublin Ongoing Prayers
Richard's Mum Sunderland. UK Affected by Dementia
Anne and Annie West Yorks That Prayer will empower tem to resolve a longstanding unforgiveness
IFS Students Mcr Group 2010 Manchester. UK That God will touch their hearts to remain connected not to ego but to their hearts
Sarah Hebden Bridge Support during radium therapy
Janet Manchester Support following loss of her partner
Rosaleen and Liz Dublin Divine Healing for cancer related illness
Margaret Dublin Special Prayers
Janet Manchester For God's love to support Janet on her recent loss of partner Roger 
Liz and family Dublin For ongoing support
Rosaleen Dublin. Ireland That Almighty God will heal Rosaleen of her cancer
Richard & Rebecca and Families Loughborough. UK We ask God to support both in their recent loss of their Dad, Roger Giles
Roger Giles Loughborough. UK We thank God for taking Roger home having suffered.
President Mugabe and his Government  Zimbawbe, Africa That Prayer will motivate all Church and World leaders to stand together and overthrow this ego maniac  
Joel and family Glossop, Derbyshire We ask God to send healing to Joel in hospital
Every man, woman and child  Worldwide We ask God to support all whose lives are now affected by the Global Recession.
Gina and family Anglesey. Nr. Wales Thanking God for Gina's courage to embrace personal change
Peace Mala UK & Worldwide We thank God for Pam their Founder who responded to the call of God through St. Francis to bring the Peace Mala to our hearts. 
The Members of the Monastic Tau Community of Saint Francis  UK That God will continue to use their prayers for lasting unity and peace in the world 
Interfaith Students Manchester 2010 Group That God will support and sustain them and their mentors
Ernest Storth For God's Divine Healing
Barach Obama USA Thank You God for proving this man to lead the USA and the world.
Peggy Co Cork, Ireland Physical and Spiritual Healing 
Nancy  Cumbria Thanking God for her safe return home after 6 months in ITU
Presidential Elections USA We ask for the outpouring of God's Holy Spirit to guide the people of America to choose wisely.
Regina Kansas. USA For Divine Healing and financial support
Rebecca Loughborough. Leics. Physical healing for morning sickness in pregnancy
Emma and Richard Leics. Divine Guidance and a miracle in conceiving their first born child 
Roger Loughborough.UK God' healing and support in the terminal stages of life.
Those affected by world's financial crisis world  That fear will not prevail only an abiding trust in God 
Financial Markets Global That man will return to integrity and respect God's laws.
Elizabeth Dublin For Divine Healing
Neville Dublin  For a successful recovery following surgery
Islamic and other Religious Fundamentalists Worldwide That all forms of religious fundamental be challenged and where their is control, fear, etc that mankind will not adhere to it.
Brothers and Sisters Worldwide We pray for all mankind to embrace practical spirituality and God.     
All Athletes Worldwide That those taking part in the Olympics will do so honorably. 
All Peoples living in: Georgia and Russia That God will inspire their leaders to stop further bloodshed and peace remain
The Olympic Games  China  That the eyes of the world will send love back and facilitate the healing and Liberation of all peoples in China. 
Mark Isle of White, UK Divine Healing for current illness and setbacks
Sharon Palmers Green, London We call on all animal lovers to support Sharon continue to offer care and support for the many rescued animals she befriends 
Marylyn & Laurence London Divine Healing for cancer
Venerable Newman RIP UK That the Catholic Church will honor the last wishes of this Godly man to remain buried with his brother priest. 
Jayne Northended, Mcr That the Lord will provide a house buyer to enable Jayne continue her spiritual path
Interfaith Students Manchester Group That God will direct their hearts to give their lives selflessly.
Peter Northumberland That surgery for prostate cancer will be a success
Mike Prestwich, Nr. MAnchester Support with depression
For all my clients Worldwide That God will bless each one of you and fill you with His/Her Love always.
Torsten Denmark Help and support to overcome alcohol abuse, etc 
Heidi Denmark That God's strength will empower Heidi to take back her power and live
Nancy North Wales For Divine Guidance and ongoing support.
Liz North Manchester That God will guide Liz to discern His will
Gloria and Michael Vancouver, Canada Divine Help required for personal issues
All who are involved in Human Trafficking WORLDWIDE That Governments and Churches will act now to end this atrocious act in the name of God. 
Sonia Harrogate For Divine Grace to provide the safety net now needed
Mary San Francisco We thank God for Mary been granted her UK visa
jenny Wirral  Gods love to support her through the final stages of dying peacefully
Brothers and Sisters  Zimbabwe That peace and justice will prevail
Sharon & Family Galston, Ayreshire Divine protection and guidance with course studies and health issues 
All Therapists and Carers Worldwide To make a determined effort to embrace each other in love and light and see support on a regular basis.
Chris & AnnMarie Kentucky, USA That Divine Providence will guide their product to empower all embrace the I AM Presence
For our Brother/Sister Muslims, Jews and Christians Jerusalem & Palestine That our faith in the one True God will touch our hearts to face God in each other's culture and manage our religious diversities in that Love
The Christian Community Bethlehem That all believers can come together in 2007 to empower all faiths live together in Peace with the freedom to Be!
Faith & Family Totnes, Devon For spiritual support in facing life's challenges
Karen Glasgow, Scotland We ask God to watch over you this w/end during your final exams 
Heather Paisley, Scotland May the Lord continue to bless you
Cathy Manchester That God will guide you on your mission to India re: supporting your charity work.
Sheila Hestbank, South Lakes Thinking of you on the loss of your dog.
Our Sister -Deirdre.  Croyden, Surrey Graduation as a qualified Therapist of the Academy. May God watch over you and protect you.
Fr. Russell Miami, USA That surgery will be blessed
For all Interfaith Groups Worldwide That we will open our hearts to receive God unconditional love and allow that love speak to those in need and the suffering poor in our workd.
All Religious Leaders Middle East and World  To see God in all especially our brothers and sisters who do not share their beliefs. When we insult a brother in the name of God we indirectly offend the entire faith community.
Our beloved Sister Jeanette Oakworth, Keighley Spiritual Healing for Heart problems
Alan India Spiritual Healing for complete recovery from Heart Attack. 
Yvonne Malvern, Worcs. Divine Guidance to seek clarity re: way forward
Our Brothers and Sisters Tibet That the Chinese authorities will allow all peoples follow their hearts and set them free to Love their God! 
Our beloved Spiritual Sister the Buddhist Nun shot dead by the Chinese soldiers in Oct'06  China That the power of Love Divine will challenge all who disregard the sanctity of life. 
Pamela, Patricia and Sasha our student therapists Edinburgh That the Divine Feminine will instruct them wisely in demonstrating Love and Light to each other in the coming 12 week's course 
Religious Leaders of all Faiths Worldwide That Love Divine will prevail in their hearts and reflect in their actions
All service men/women  In Iraq and abroad  That God will oversee their safety and that peace will prevail
Ex service men and women UK  For ongoing support in helping our ex service men/women to be given every support in their adjustment to daily living 
Frith and friend Georgia, USA We ask for divine healing and a satisfactory recovery to full health. 
Survivors of MRSA NHS Hospitals and Care Homes UK For the Powers that be to bring back a named person like the Matron.  
Christine and Stephen Dublin God's blessing be upon them and all their families on their wedding day on 21.10.06
Tracy Lydiate, Merseyside Instant healing of painful memories
Paula Manchester, UK Divine Intervention to search in one's own  heart for truth and speak that truth in love without ego and hatred for another!
The Amish Community Philadelphia, USA That God will bring solace to their hearts and the world will learn from their forgiveness.
5 ladies with entities who attended Healing Day Wirral God release them from their demons
Jason Mikolajcik USA Soldier injured in Falluja -Iraq Divine healing for your son injured trying to save lives
Helena Southfields, London Divine Healing to self heal and Be!
Sue Leics Divine Healing to self heal & release
All Survivors of Hurricane Katrina & Rita New Orleans USA We ask God to now send you the financial and practical support U desperately need. 
David Madrid, Spain Spinal injuries -healing and support for family
Marriette Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA Divine Healing and strength to accept God's will for her life today
An Marie & Family Kentucky USA Divine Guidance and intervention in discerning God's will for their lives 
Angelica North Carolina- USA Cystic Fibrosis -healing
Patrick North Carolina-USA Cystic Fibrosis
For all who disbelieve in Divine Light healing energy worldwide That they be touched today By God!
Charlotte  New Zealand Breast Cancer - healing & prayers requested
All Light Workers Global Village Support and Inner Strength to succeed.
Beth USA Breast Cancer
Steve USA Brain Tumour
Michael USA Hepatitis C
The Helene Family Streatham Common, UK Special Prayers
Sommer San Diego, CA Divine assistance with successful career path and happiness
Carole's Project for children Puska, India Support for educating young girls


Would you like to add someone to our list?

They will be remembered every night in between 11pm - 1pm in our period of meditation with angels.  Due to the large number of requests we will list the person for 7 days.  After which time, if you still wish to be listed, simply resubmit your request.

To add a person to the list, simply email us with their details.

This service is free of charge, but we are currently collecting donations to be sent to a variety of charities.  The charities we are supporting at the moment are: 

The Tau Community of Saint Francis 

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf 

Seeing Dogs for the Blind

Remember, if you would like Brother Sean to light a 7 day votive candle, then please click on Pay Pal Button above

Please help us, to help them.



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