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Silence & Beauty awaits those who are ready to embrace who they really are at our friendly interfaith Monastery of Saint Francis

Behind all creation is silence. Silence is the essential condition, the vital ingredient for all creation and all that is created. It is a power in its own right. The artist starts with a blank canvas - silence. The composer places it between and behind the notes. The very ground of your being, out of which come all your thoughts is silence. The way to silence is through meditation. When you arrive in your own silence you will know true freedom and real power. Stop, take a minute, and listen to the silence within you today.



Retreats at the Monastery of Saint Francis, Chapel Gap, in beautiful Storth, South Lakes, UK for Therapists/ Light Workers/ Carers and the spiritually  minded who are searching for Peace, Respite and Solace 

Self Catering Accommodation  and Retreats 

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With fast life demands and world unrest it is even more important to keep a personal balance within. 

To have world peace we need to start by being at peace with ourselves.

The Monastery of Saint Francis is part of the Sean Bradley Academy. Here at our small friendly Healing Centre situated in a sleepy village in the South Lakes, we offer the comforts of 'Home from Home' for the discerning guests seeking a less formidable centre where the clients are not numbers but real people. At Chapel Gap, we provide self catering accommodation for a small number of clients from 1-3 depending on their requests. Small pets (well behaved) most welcome!


Nature's intelligence functions with effortless ease...so why don't we?

We have become out of touch with our true essence, who we really are? 

In the world where we have vast evolution of technology that is upgraded moment by moment. Plus the demands made on ourselves, by ourselves, and the outside world..."not enough hours in the day" concepts are spiralling out of control. Stress, crisis management and burn out is commonplace. We are now living in a society that has become, 'Spiritually Impoverished' and one that has lost it's true identity. Sean's specialist directed retreats are based on many years of providing support to the sick and dying as a qualified nurse. To know the man, why not read about his journey and how he got into this work some 40 years ago. Please go to: www.monasteryofsaintfrancis.com   

Therapeutic Pathway's Mission is to be a reminder that we are human beings not human doings. It is so important for there to be work/life balance for every individual and the planet as a whole by taking time out to relax, review and renew, regularly.

The purpose of the Retreats is what they say they are:
RE-TREAT away from the 'People Business' and take stock of who I am and where I am at in my Sacred Being of Gifting and Sharing, firstly, with myself and then with others...

Here in the ancient Celtic Kingdom of Rhegged, Storth is a quaint place offering beauty, solace, peace and stillness. In the nearby woods, trees that have guarded the landscape await you to welcome you to embrace Mother Earth. The wildlife and animals focus greatly here in the sleepy village of Storth. Neighbours might forget your individual name but the names of your pets, are not so easily forgotten! The place is a haven for everyone to come and rest and allow Nature to 'work her magic' on your mind-body and spirit. 

Our Philosophy

Simplicity! That is the key word thus ensuring that all our clients can totally relax in a safe, friendly environment that lends itself to being pampered in one's mind, body and spirit.   

All our Retreat Days will provide the following:

  • Empower you to accept yourself for who you are.

  • Encourage you to reclaim the lost child within.

  • Experience the healing touch from the Angelic realms.

  • Assist your search for inner peace, tranquillity and open up the gates of Paradise/Nirvana for YOU.

  • Help you reclaim your 'First Love'.

  • Sustain you as a therapist and equip you with 'well-being and wholeness' as a Light Worker.

  • Reclaim your dignity as a child of your God/Dess and enjoy the wonders of your 'Sacred Being'.

  • Remove the clutter/obstacles that block your growth and spiritual development as a 'co-creator of the Divine'.

  • Discern the inner sacred voices that remove the negative voices that prevent you experiencing liberation and Freedom as a Light Worker. 

  • Meet and make new friends who will share your 'faith journey' and become 'soul mates' as you journey towards the Light.

  • Experience the release of negative energies and clutter as you open up to your Divinity and Sacredness.

  • When you leave our workshops/retreat days, you leave empowered with the innocence of childlike simplicity that empower you Being.

  • Trees will empower you to embrace the divine energies of the sacred trees enhancing your gifting as a Child of your God/dess.

  • Empowers you to experience the healing touch associated with sacred symbols of oil, incense and candlelight.

  • Clients are empowered to step back into their power and embrace a Prosperity Consciousness as a child of Source


Experience the inner beauty and stillness that awaits you when you come to stay with us at our small friendly Monastery of Saint Francis in the beautiful South Lakes. 

Why not view our services by watching our slide show at: www.monasteryofsaintfrancis.com  

Details about our facilities for self catering accommodation-please contact us for information  



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