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Source Angel


Message from 'Source Angel'

Source Angel” comes to you in a blaze of golden haling light with purpose and intention to heal the child within.

This beautiful being comes from a time and place beyond beginnings and with no end. A place we have all known when our souls were not yet born, and physical pain and mortal suffering were yet strangers to us. We have seen “Source” in our brightest and most profound dreams and have been touched in our most pure heart of hearts by the light she brings. Gentleness, pureness and light of love, do not underestimate her strength in all that beauty! She has come now, with perfect timing to work with those who are ready and to remind us who we truly are. Her gifts to us are many.

Who will be the ones to accept them in the true spirit?

Touch her light and free your child to be who you truly are.”


Picture and Words by 
Alison Knox of EveryDay Angels
For Sean Jude Bradley - 17 July 2003



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