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Teaching Diploma Course in Therapeutic Channelling
Levels 1 to 5 leading to the Diploma in Teaching - duration 6-12 months

Incorporating the Open Learning Programme of Home Study, '1 to 1' tuition with a 2 day residential component plus 4 days of practical field work experience with Sean.
For Practitioners who have accessed the Diploma Therapist's Course only!

Course Summary

Course Aims Course Overview

Course Content


Course Costs/Terms & Conditions
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 This is an innovative 'hand's on' course for qualified therapists who are drawn to empowering their fellow students, embrace their divinity as a 'Child of Source' - the I AM PRESENCE by connecting with their Heart Centre, their teacher and by nurturing a 'non ego' centred approach using direct channelling in their course delivery. 

  •  Are you sufficiently interested in sharing your life experiences as a holistic
      therapist with like minded light workers?

  •   Does teaching others appeal to you?

  •   Would you like to raise the healing vibrations of others in their search for
      for spiritual maturity?

  •   Are you committed to empowering students embrace the healing energies of
      the angelic realms of love and light? 

  •   Does the ancient teachings of the Essenes and their sense of a spiritual
      community resonate with your own core values? 

  •   Are you a devotee of Mother Mary and The Divine Feminine Mary Magdalene?

  •   Would you be willing to embrace fellow light workers in their daily crisis?

  •   Does Pastoral Spiritual Support, leadership and mentoring others appeal to
      you as a holistic therapist /teacher? 
    If you have answered yes to the above, then this is the course for you...


Course Summary


Level 1-5  of the Teaching Course aims to provide the student teacher with all the necessary skills, materials and knowledge to do the following:

  • Prepare self /clients /student for the above courses.
  • Organize for the Workshop using the same criteria set out by the Academy
  • Plan the actual day according to the Core Values of the Sean Bradley Academy
  • Deliver the workshop with confidence and integrity and with support from the academy.
  • By using the Academy's revised 'Open Learning Home Study Programme' each student teacher is empowered to study at a pace that is suitable for them without the pressures of a formal classroom setting. The course is very much student led and the format is structured in such a way that will support the student teacher to gain all the necessary skills, experience and tuition to deliver high quality training that is very much 'Heart Centred' and not ego based.
  • Gain additional experience and confidence from a 'hand's on approach' integrated during your 4 days field work observation and training with Sean working to the Guidelines and Protocols set down by the Academy
  • The course provides the student with all the necessary tools to deliver the same courses and Healing Day Workshops that are already been delivered by Sean in the UK and abroad.
  • The final 2 days of the course are taken as a residential module at our training centre at Chapel Gap in the South Lakes with Sean. The student is given '1 to 1' personal tuition on the course criteria, student's case work and classroom experiences on day 1 and the final 2nd day is a spent as a private spiritual retreat concluding with the student receiving their spiritual attunement to the Christ /Angelic Energies before been inducted as a fully qualified member of our training team. 
  • The course also involves taking a leading role in acquiring new skills in the spiritual and pastoral support, mentoring and training students and therapists rediscover their inner divinity as a child of God. The course will give you plenty of opportunities of gaining practical hand's on experience in live teaching scenarios empowering you become a competent and proficient teacher.   
  • Throughout your course teacher training, each student teacher is required to Mentor 4 student therapists who are on the Advanced Therapist's Course. We believe that the role of Mentor will benefit your teaching skills as a future qualified teacher representing the Academy.

Protocols and policies are provided for your delivery upon request

Core values of the teaching and practice course:

The Sean Bradley Academy is a dynamic new entrant to the field of professional development in complementary therapies now incorporating Therapeutic Channelling of the Christ/Angelic healing energies. We strive for the highest possible standards in the training content and utilise leading edge delivery methods in a first class facility at our teaching centre in the South Lakes of Cumbria. Our overriding aims are:

  • To ensure real and lasting learning is achieved and that student realise their full potential in their chosen fields of study.

  • To provide a safe and supportive environment which allows learning to take place in a professional and calm atmosphere.

  • To empower our students connect with their own divinity as a ‘Child of Source,’ through connecting with their inner core values and release and reconnect with who they truly are as Light Workers.

Our courses are usually recognised by the International Federation of Healers (UK) I.F.O.H. and draw heavily on both internal and external evidence based clinical practice. All materials are subject to stringent review processes, which include validation by our qualified Principal and founder, Sean Bradley.

All courses are backed up by high quality course materials, which are provided to students in hard copy. Multi-media techniques are increasingly used to enhance the learning experience in course delivery.

The Academy recognises that for many student /therapists, attending a training course can be stressful, so our premises are friendly and welcoming. Any concerns are listened to and dealt with quickly and empathetically.

Our trainers and teachers have all graduated from the Academy and their expertise is invaluable to our growth and future developments both locally and on the international stage. Our community of professional therapists and teachers is ‘close knit’ and focused on excellence. Continuous improvement and cross-fertilisation of ideas are important to us, as is consistency of information across courses. We draw upon a high calibre of qualified professional therapists from within the Academy itself. Our motto “Only the Best for the Best” speaks for itself and through ‘word of mouth’ our reputation is spreading as a leader in holistic/ healing therapies.

Sean Bradley RGN. RMN. Master Practitioner TCCP.
The Barefoot Angel Man ™

Principal of the Academy


Aims of the Teaching Diploma Certificate Course Level 1-5 




To acquire the necessary expertise and practical skills using a hand’s on approach to attain the required level of competence set down by the Academy via our Open Learning programme using distant learning as the preferential route.


Give you the expertise, skills and confidence to facilitate the treatment for new students accessing Therapeutic Channelling in a competent professional manner.


Give you the essential tools and basic framework for demonstrating and applying the treatment  underpinned by the teachings of the Essenes.


To learn the essential tools and training techniques that will empower you to be an effective teacher of Therapeutic Channelling working with sacred touch using the healing energies of the Christ and the Angelic Realms.


To break down self-imposed barriers to regain the inner freedom of self-love, through feeling and thinking through the Heart Centre and not the Head centre.


To empower you to work as a valued member of the academy of certified therapists and practitioners.  


To ensure the safety of your students during a teaching session or demonstration.



Overview of the Course




That each student wishing to undertake this course must apply in writing submitting a 500-1000 word essay on:                                                                                 

    a) Their life experiences since they graduated as a Channeller of the Christ /Angelic energies.                                                                             

    b) Discuss what ‘Physician Heal Thyself means for you the therapist and light worker in service to Love and Light.                                                                    

    c) The conclusion of the essay should include ‘why they wish to be considered for this course and what strengths they bring in their potential role as a qualified teacher representing the Academy’. 

The Open Learning Course (time limit will be 12 months) and will include 6 days of active participation and front line teaching and tuition – (4 days are non res & 2 Residential Days) by mutual arrangement with Sean. Fieldwork experience will remain the student’s responsibility to organize and arrange with the Course facilitator to attend the following workshops /courses with Sean. They are:        

Upon completion of all course assignments, the student teacher will spend 2 days /nights at Chapel Gap. Day 1 will consist of reappraising their course work and completed assignments. Day 2 will be a retreat day in preparation for the attunement as an accredited teacher representing the Core Values of the Sean Bradley Academy.


That the student/s accessing this course, will have a minimum 12 months experience as a Diploma Graduate Therapist of the Sean Bradley Academy.


Content of Course



The content of the this Course leading to the Teaching Diploma is by the Open Learning Programme incorporating Distant Learning approach.


Open Learning Course Modules











The proposed format for the 2 Day Residential component is:

Students who have already enrolled on this course are invited to attend the evening meal 7.00pm the evening before course begins. After the vegetarian evening meal there will be an informal session with your Course Facilitator to discuss your course assignments and progress reports. The following programme will apply:

Day 1: This day will be spent with your course Facilitator to review your course work and offer the student teacher a detailed report on their findings of their progress, identifying any weaknesses and highlighting your strengths.

Day 2: The Student Teacher is invited to spent the next 24 hours in a spiritual retreat preparing them for their final Attunement to the Christ /Magdalene /Angelic energies and formal induction as an accredited teacher of the Academy. 

Facilitator: Sean Bradley


Course Pre-requisites



Prior to attending this course, you must have:

  • Completed the Diploma Graduate Therapist's Course 

  • Have at least 12 months practical experience as a therapist.

  • 2 references to support your application

  • Submitted a 500-1000 word Essay of your Life experiences and reasons for applying to undertake this course. 


Course Costs



The course fees include your course materials, residential accommodation, food and refreshments for the 2 day residential component of this course. Travel expenses are not included to cover your 4 days field work teaching experience as this remains the responsibility of each student. 

Payment can be made in two ways...as a one-off payment (giving you a saving of £135.00!) or via instalments.

Click here to look at the accommodation.

To pay in instalments...

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3


Module 4


Module 5


To pay as a one-off payment...

Total Course Fee (making a saving of £135.00!)


Payments are to be made in Sterling Pounds Only.


Other methods of making payment...

1.  By personal cheque - please make cheques payable to Sean Bradley/The Barefoot Angel Man.

2.  Overseas students, please pay fees in Pounds Sterling or by Bank electronic transfer. Contact Sean for our Bank details.....



COURSE Bookings

The full amount should then be paid four weeks before the course.

You can pay:

1) By Pay Pal or by cheque payable to Sean Bradley. Send to our office with your name, address and phone number.  


Please notify the Academy if you wish to cancel your course booking. Cancellations before 7 days of the workshop date will be refunded money paid less the deposit. We are unable to refund cancellations with less than 5 days notice.


Concessions are for people who are unwaged –full time students, benefits, over 60’s and job seekers. Please send photocopied proof of status. A few bursaries are available on most workshops /courses for those whose circumstances do not allow them to pay the concession price. Please speak to us if you would like to apply for a bursary.


The Academy provides an educational space for personal and spiritual exploration. You may find that taking one of our workshops /courses can facilitate a powerful experience and we encourage you to take care of yourself during and after the workshop /course.


We do not pass on your personal information to anyone. We do not sell our mailing list. We do not give your address to workshop leaders without your permission. If you do not wish to receive information about future events, please contact us.

We reserve the right to amend the arrangements where it is found to be unavoidable or to make other minor changes that may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.



Your Graduation and Final Attunement as a Teacher

  • Your Final Attunement to Sananda(Jesus) - the Magdalene/ Angelic energies will be provided by Sean either here at Chapel Gap in the presence of our Therapists during one of their Quarterly Support Group Days, or on a date arranged by mutual appointment.  

  • Your Graduation as a qualified Teacher is recognised as a special time of celebration within the Academy. The Graduation ceremony is held 4 times a year when our Family of Therapists are present to welcomed our new graduates as members of the Tau Community of Saint Francis.  www.taucommunity.com

  • During your Graduation ceremony, our qualified therapists /members of the Tau Community will preside over your Final Attunement by the laying on of hands over your Crown Chakra. Sean will then proceed to anoint your hands and feet with the sacred healing oils welcoming you as a qualified Teacher and light worker in service to Sananda Jesus in the presence of the Mother Mary; The Divine Feminine and the Angelic Realms. Immediately proceeding, Sean will present each Graduate with their certificate, personal ID badge and a copy of the Academy Code of Ethics.   

  • Membership to the Academy -free for the first 12 months.

  • Membership to the Tau Community 'interfaith Spiritual Family' - membership costs £15.00 (sterling) for the 12 months, or £50.00 (sterling) for life. All fees are given to support the daily running costs of the charity. Here you will enjoy the spiritual benefits of the prayer life of our members and students. Please see webpage:  www.taucommunity.com

  • Our Quarterly in-house Therapist's Newsletter.  

  • Invitation to attend the Monthly Therapist's Support Group Study/Retreat Days at Chapel Gap, South Lakes in Cumbria. 

Modular Course Materials

The Modular Course packs you will receive...

Upon receipt of your instalment of course fees, you will receive a course programme which holds all your assignments applicable to that Module.

In addition, the following Modules will also receive the following information to download in .PDF format and via post as shown below...

Additional materials included in the 
Modular 1 Course



Additional materials included in the
Module 2 course




Hard copies of all of the above reading materials are available upon request. There is an additional cost incurred due to weight/postage costs.  Please contact:  seansacademy@aol.com for further details. 


There is also a choice of CDs and Videos providing powerful healing meditations recorded by Sean available in our Shopping Section – see Shopping Page



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