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 The Wounded Healer is by far the best Healer. 

Caring for others is demanding yet rewarding! However, in saying that, the Carer needs boundaries and ongoing support with supervision to remain positive, proactive and attuned with their heart center - their teacher.  Brother Sean 

The 'Self Healing Process' is a spiritual journey of great magnitude. It leads us to events, places, people and circumstances in our life that will challenge us to forgive, forget, let go and maybe to turn the other cheek. 

The 'Self Healing Process' is a journey where the ego is humiliated in order to release us from fear, guilt, shame, negative thought patterns that have disabled our inner being of truth.

The 'Self Healing Process' is a journey that challenges us to forgive and forget 'ME' or others who have hurt us on many different levels.

It is a journey with no expectations other than to open our arms to receive only selfless, unconditional healing love from a God who loves us as we are. 

Our healing process is a journey of PRESENCE. 

Depression is a blocked Crown Chakra -that blockage denies us growth on all levels and the need to self heal today is what we are invited to do.  


Therapeutic Pathways Consultancy now incorporating The Tau Community of Saint Francis (TCOSF)

After 38 years experience as a qualified nurse, Sean had first hand experience of how well the Nursing and Medical Professions often fail in their 'professional duty of care' for colleagues who accidentally, or inadvertently, 'fall by the wayside' through no fault of their own. When Sean became mentally ill through taking a prescribed antidepressant to help him cope with the death of a dear friend and fellow monk, he was stigmatised by his peers because of his Bi-Polar disorder. Within a period of twelve months, Sean was forced to take ill health retirement from his profession that finally triggered his 'Spiritual Dark Night of the Soul experience for nearly 6 years.'

Coping with a mental health disability proved a real challenge for Sean but undeterred, his ardent prayers were finally answered in a strange sort of way when the Angelic Realms would come to him during his 3am quiet times in silent prayer. He was guided to adopt their personalised gift for his own self healing and recovery from living a non-existent life by enabling Sean to reclaim his power over his severe depressive illness through developing a simple strategy that would demystify the dynamics of managing depressive illness. Today, Sean uses that same 'Angelic tool' known as the Angel (Feng Shui) Healing Bagua and Trigram. The Angel Bagua incorporates the healing energy using the sacred colours, representing the nine named Archangels who are responsible for mankind's healing and spiritual growth.

In the early days of his re-couperation from the impact of coping with a mental health problem, Sean was guided by the Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene (The Divine Feminine) and Mother Mary, to resurrect an ancient therapy that was originally practised by the Therapeutia Essenes for over 8000 years. The secrets that were later passed down through Mary Magdalene and Saint John (The Beloved Disciple) from their new community of healers based on Mount Carmel, little did they realise how their teachings would change the face of religion and spirituality that was to be the start of a new 'spiritual way of life' that would eventually be adopted by the Carmelites and the first nursing monks of Mt. Carmel. right up to the present day Through that sacred lineage, Sean was eventually introduced to that sacred line when he entered a monastic nursing order of monks in 1966 when he was taught to adopt a rule of life dating back to the 14th century in Germany.

The therapy that Sean was given to share with his students and clients, can only best be described by therapists and clients alike as a 'soul therapy.' They say it touches the very fibres of the soul, empowering one to self heal and reclaim their individuality and take responsibility for managing the dynamics of their inner core issues. Unlike any other therapy, when the client requests the therapy they never return for seconds. Sean believes that whilst the client does not have to be a believer in say, God, yet, he accepts that if the Therapist is committed to living a deeply spiritual life and works from the heart, then the efficacy from the therapy is accentuated. The client does experience a powerful presence of the Divine Feminine energies during the actual treatment leaving the individual experience a sense of the Divine embracing their     soul. After a therapy with Sean or one of his qualified therapists, clients are given a detailed 'Fact sheet' that was originally used by the Essenes to reprogram me a negative mind-set into positive outcomes for their wellness and wholeness. The early Essenes were the founding Fathers of Psychotherapy. 

Clients who seek Sean's professional expertise as an intuitive therapeutic counsellor and healer, do so for many reasons. However, it has been noted that in the past three years, there has been a steady increase of clients seeking Sean's understanding and professional help because of his life experiences of coping with depression and because their lives are now disabled by the impact of their depressive illness. The therapy together with the detailed guidance and tools that Sean offers to each client, does have the desired effect and the client leaves feeling the therapeutic session with a real sense of hope. Please read the testimonials from his clients who now confirm that by accessing this therapy, they are given their power back and are best placed to fully comprehend the dynamics of their depressive illness and instead of it severely impacting on their professional, family and business life, they can begin to start living again.

Client affected by depression can now incorporate this therapy not as a replacement of conventional medicine but use it as an adjunct combining Holism and Spiritual Healing that does actually work. he  and suicidal ideation into a positive response that would benefit his clients and students in the subsequent years. 

If you are troubled or unable to cope with specific life changes that may have left you experiencing a sense of loss or feeling adrift emotionally, spiritually or mentally, then maybe Sean can assist you find the relevant tools that will empower you self heal and move on with your life. 

Please see the range of professional therapies and support services and products that Sean now offers for those who are searching for support. 

 Brother Sean TCOSF

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