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Many individuals continue to blame God for the chaos that exists in our world! This scenario is deeply offensive to those of us who know that the blame rests not with a God of Love, but very much at the doors of clerics who misinterpreted God's word to suit their ego and agenda to set up religious sects to feed their egoic lifestyle. They choose not to follow their heart and instead, they continued to separate God's family through historical differences that are now being healed by the return of Magdalene. Her presence is now seen as the New Moses and her presence is now guiding many to return to the sanctuary of God's love.

Brother Sean's spirituality is rooted in the teachings of Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham, Gandhi and other modern day Prophets. His spirituality is influenced by St. Francis of Assisi providing a non judgmental, interfaith response, empowering each client embrace a soul journey to their God through Simplicity, Spirituality, Humility, Truth, Grace and Celebration of all that you are as a child of God, a co-creator of the Divine, a brother /sister of Jesus. Brother Sean TCOSF

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     Please click on any of the pictures below to see aspects of Tau House, our small friendly Healing Center in the South Lakes


   The Gardens at Chapel Gap, were not designed by   Sean, but designed by the Angelic Realms using the Angelic (Feng Shui) Healing Bagua and Trigram. 

Here, the Archangels Michael (North), Uriel (East), Gabriel (south), Raphael (West) and Metatron guided Sean in prayer to deliver 'What they wanted.' The healing gardens are a living, vibrating outdoor therapy room, hence creating a vortex of Divine Love balancing the Divine Feminine energies of the Front Garden with the Divine Masculine energies in the rear water gardens. 

Both energies are united as one powerful healing vortex in Sean's Prayer Room where many clients have experienced the presence of Jesus and Magdalene.   

So, why not come and experience this for yourself?


If you cannot come to Brother Sean either at Tau House, Chapel Gap in the beautiful South Lakes or by the Red Sea on a Directed Spiritual Retreat, then why not allow the Messengers of God, guide your heart to Brother Sean's inspirational healing meditation CDs, Publications and Healing Courses. 

In the words of Brother Sean, (K.I.S.S.) Keep It Simple Server. 

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